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As I write this blog today, my heart is overflowing with gratitude and joy (and tears.) My daughter, Mary, and her partner Glen adopted a little boy named Herbie, who is 7 years old. They waited several years for him to arrive and it is truly a match made in heaven and meant to be. We often have to wait and be patient for our dreams to come true.

Here is what Mary wrote on Face book:

We adopted him! Amazingly and synchronisticly his name is HERBIE!! It was meant to be because we are HERB farmers and a HERBALIST!! He is 7 years old, and was in foster care for the last 4 years. He is an amazing kid and we are so lucky to have him. We have had a great experience being foster parents for DCYF. I highly encourage anyone who CAN to foster a child who needs a home.”

Of course, I wanted to be a part of the celebration and adoption, but being 5,000 miles away made it impossible for me to be there. I asked Mary to Facetime me from the courthouse when it was all over, which she did. My grandson, Josh, called me and I was there with them on Facetime to congratulate them. My son, Brian, brought balloons and flowers for his sister. Oh, what a happy day as he proudly walked through the court house with flowers and balloons.

When the adoption was complete and they were still in the courtroom, they asked the DCYF worker to take a picture of the family. My grandson, Josh, was holding up his phone with my picture while I was on Face Time with them. To my delight, Josh said, “Grandma, your presence was definitely felt.” Here is the picture:

Herbie was given a party to celebrate his adoption. He wrote a speech and stood up in front of family and friends. As you can imagine, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Here is his speech:

Thank you all for coming today. This is a special day for me. I have been waiting a long time to be adopted. It makes me happy to have a forever home. I am happy to have a new Mom and Dad. I am happy to have 5 new uncles. I am happy to have 6 new cousins. I am happy to have a new name. I am happy to have a new room. I am happy to have a new home. I am happy to ride my bike every day.” 

Several months ago, I sent Herbie a stuffed seal that he fell in love with. In fact, he brought it to the court room with him today. He said to Mary when the adoption procedures were complete, “Sealo is happy that he doesn’t have to leave and that he has a permanent home.” Oh my God, the tears really flowed when she shared it with me. Here is a picture of Herbie and Sealo:

Even though it was difficult not being able to be there physically, I was there in spirit and felt such gratitude for modern technology and Facetime. This is what Holy Spirit said as I prayed about not being able to be there with them in person on this special occasion.

Breathe in my Spirit. I know it is difficult not being able to be there for your daughter’s special day. Know that she feels your essence and presence and knows more than ever before that you are with her. She remembered to call you because she wanted you to be there. It was important to her as it was to you as her mother. So feel your feelings of sadness that you are unable to be there physically, but rejoice in your ONENESS and the relationship you have with your daughter, Mary. You are both where you need to be in your lives and you both are following your hearts. There is a special bond between you and your daughter now. Open your heart even more as I shower my blessings on you as mother and daughter.

I so look forward to Mary and Herbie traveling from Rhode Island to attend our wedding in May. It is also the weekend of Mother’s day, which will be Mary’s first Mother’s Day as a new mom and spending it together will be such an amazing gift.

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