“How do I know it’s God’s Will?”

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I have always heard that “less was better.” That never worked for me until NOW, especially in regards to my house that I put on the market today. YIKES & YEA, I did it. Up until this point, I always thought I needed more and had to do more and that more was better! I am sure that comes from the old belief that I wasn’t good enough, I didn’t have enough and I wasn’t smart enough. Maybe they could be called the not-enoughisms.

As I look around my house, especially at the empty white walls and no artwork hanging on them, I realized that I am “Pat” no longer there. In the past, whenever people came to my house for the first time, they would always say, “This is YOU Pat and I can feel your energy here.” I enjoy being creative and my house has always been filled with beautiful things & flower arrangements that I made.

Last week, a few of my close girlfriends came by to help me patch holes in the walls, paint, clean windows and wash walls before I put the house up for sale. I asked for their opinions and they were honest and told me the truth. “Pat, this picture needs to be taken down, you need to remove that from the top of the bureau and removing that chair would open up the room.” I was open to their suggestions and followed them all. A few times, I had to literally stand still and say out loud, ” I let go, I let go.” I know and trust as I let go of the old, I know I am opening myself to the new that God has planned for me (and that excites me!) My house is now open and airy without the clutter and “less is better.”

When I met with my real estate agent, Joe, I told him my intention was to sell my house quickly because I wanted to return to Maui on September 5th. He looked surprised and a little dubious. I smiled and said, “Joe, I have to tell you something about me, and who you are dealing with. I am a woman of faith!” Then I gave him my book as a gift and asked him to read Chapter 6 “The Sky God Speaks – Do We Have to Sell Our house, God?” He smiled and said, “I will read the chapter and am looking forward to reading your book.” The next time I saw him he told he that he had read that chapter and now his mother was reading the book because she saw it on his coffee table. I know that he will experience the power of faith first hand when my house sells quickly.

Over the years, many people have asked me, “How do you know for sure when it’s God’s will for you to do something and not just your own will?” The only way to know that is to first develop a relationship with your Source, God, Spirit, Buddha or whatever name you choose to call your Higher Power. For me, that includes a daily spiritual practice of prayer and meditation, which is crucial to being able to know God’s will for me. It is through these practices that I remember the truth of who I am; that I am ONE with the power and presence of God, and that we are all ONE.

Prayer and meditation are like “Magic Erasers.” They erase “old beliefs and behaviors” that no longer serve me and are not for my highest good. Prayer and meditation help me to let go of the past and “what was” and enables me to be in the present moment, NOW where all of my needs are supplied. When I am in this place of surrender, I feel the love and peace of God and I am open and trust the guidance I receive. I affirm and know that when I am one with God, I am love, I am peace and I am abundance. Then I can radiate love and peace to all I meet and see the divine in all people.

Another way that I know I am in God’s will is through the deep peace I feel in my heart. Since I’ve come back to Rhode Island, I have experienced a peace that passes all understanding. My heart is smiling on the inside and I sometimes feel like I am floating because I feel so blessed and grateful. I am sure this is a result of my 6 months in Maui where I listened to Spirit to BE and not to DO. I learned to go with the flow and follow my heart and intuition. This Sunday, a woman at the spiritual center I attend looked me in the eyes and said, “You look beautiful.” I smiled and immediately said, “Thank you, I feel beautiful.” Now that is the power of God in action because I didn’t always feel beautiful and didn’t always receive compliments gracefully.

Yet another way I know I am in God’s will is through the “signs” and the people God brings into my life to help me along the path. I saw a sign in Maui right before I left that said, “Keep on Path.” I have shared in other emails that God “shows up” through the symbols of the ladybug, turtle and the cardinal. When I went to bed last night, I noticed something small on the inside of the shade next to my bed. I couldn’t believe that a baby ladybug with all its black spots graced me with its presence. As I was driving my car, I spotted an Hawaiian turtle decal with flowers on the back of a car window. When I walked into Shaw’s market the other day, there were Hawaiian flowers in the entrance and when I visited my daughter this weekend, she had an apron on with a red cardinal on it and the cardinals have been singing to me all morning.

Truly, everything is flowing with peace, ease and grace because that is what I expect and that is what I affirm on a daily basis. Remember, we get what we expect. I know that it’s all good and it’s all God. When I open my eyes and heart, God “shows up” in the most unexpected places.

Creative Ideas – Ernest Homes

I Have Great Expectations – With God all things are possible Matt. 19:26

We have every right to expect the unexpected. We should daily affirm that new ideas are coming to us, new ways of doing things, that we are meeting new and wonderful friends, new situations; that joyous things are going to happen to us. I now establish in my thinking an attitude of expectancy of good things. I let go of the limitations of the past and live with an enthusiastic expectancy of the good that I will encounter today. I know that nothing is too good to be true and that nothing is too much for the power that can do anything. I believe in a greater good that I have yet experienced. I keep my mind open to divine intuition which is the wisdom that guides me.







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