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You relax on the plane, even though you don’t know the pilot.

You relax on a ship, even though you don’t know the captain.

You relax on a bus, even though you don’t know the driver.

           Why don’t you relax in life, knowing that God is in control?

The bottom line is that we want to control people, places, experiences, and things. We may even be addicted to control. We think our plan is better than God’s and we don’t trust God has our back and a better plan. We don’t want to accept what’s going on, and consequently, we struggle needlessly.

When we are concerned about a loved one and get caught up in obsessing, fixing, controlling, or worrying, we are not trusting the process and their journey. We have no idea what lessons God is teaching them.

Personally, I didn’t change and seek therapy until I was in enough pain and said, “Enough is enough.” The pain woke me up to a better way of living and I learned to forgive and take responsibility for my life, rather than blaming someone or something for my pain.

We often struggle, push and try to make things happen the way we want them to and think they should be. Closed doors are there for a reason, often to protect us from something that doesn’t serve our highest good in the present or the future. If we want peace, we are invited to let go and let God.

For many years, when I didn’t know what my next step was, I would say, “God, please close the door or open it if I am meant to do something, have something or move forward.” Doors have been closed in my face at the very last minute and it has always worked out for my good, although I didn’t see it at the moment.

Doors have opened up when I felt afraid, doubtful, and even paralyzed. But I trusted if the door was open, it was meant for me to walk through. It has always worked, and often better than I had expected.

Several years ago, before Larry and I were married, I moved into our present home that has a beautiful view overlooking the ocean. The door was opened, I followed my heart and took a BIG step in faith. My rent doubled and went from $1200 a month to $2500.  I trusted God would provide and HE did. Every month my rent was paid, often miraculously.  

I practice open and closed doors in BIG things and LITTLE things. Here is what happened this week. I went on the Facebook marketplace to look for an Echo Dot ALEXA for Larry when I’m away visiting family in Rhode Island. Do you ever walk into a room and can’t remember what you went in there for? Larry and I support one another and laugh about our memory lapses.

I found an ALEXA on the marketplace for $35 and offered him $25. He said he would take $30. It felt like a closed door and I was at peace with it, especially since Larry didn’t think he needed an ALEXA to help him remember things.

The very next day, I checked the marketplace again and there were two Echo Dot ALEXA’S and one Google Home for sale and she was asking $30 for all three. WOW, what a deal. I called her immediately to see if they were still available.

Not only were they still available, but she also offered to meet me at the beach and bring them over the next day. We laughed because it felt like a “drug deal” giving her money on the beach for my new devices.

We have them set up in the kitchen, bedroom, and den! We are having fun asking ALEXA about all kinds of things. Larry says, “Thank you ALEXA.” I’m at peace and relaxed leaving Larry for 3 weeks when I visit family in the hands of ALEXA.  

More importantly, I trust we are both in the hands of God knowing that God is in control and will protect us both while we are apart.

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