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We are all connected and ONE. It is my belief that when I receive a message from Spirit it is not only for me, but it’s for everyone who is open to hearing the voice of God.

In last week’s blog, I wrote about the importance of saying no to things that harm us. I received a response from a woman after reading the blog. She wrote:

“I was racing around trying to do everything for everybody until I started reading your blog. I immediately slowed down, took a slow breath, calmed down, and remembered to stop what I was doing. I heard your voice reminding me to just be me. Thank you for teaching me to practice No-vember. You are exactly what I needed.”

My daily intention is to be peaceful, to love, to serve, to be healthy and happy, and to be a vessel of love. I’m very aware when I’m not feeling peaceful and feeling OFF. I have a tendency to want to figure things out so I can fix myself or change what I’m feeling, rather than surrender and accept “what is.”

I believe everything happens for a reason and for my highest good. On a deeper and more subtle level, I think it has to do with fear and control when I want to figure things out.  If I can figure out WHY I’m feeling a certain way or why something is happening, I think I can change it. Control is an illusion and a waste of time and energy.

I wasn’t myself for a couple of days this week. I just felt OFF and not aligned with Spirit. My peace was gone and I didn’t know why. I had a hard time accepting my low mood and lack of enthusiasm. I journaled and meditated.

Message from Spirit

“Stop trying to figure everything out with your head. Relax, don’t pressure yourself to try to figure out what’s going on when you feel OFF. You must be patient with yourself and whatever is showing up in your life. You are not your thoughts, your feelings, or your body. Don’t let anything rob you of your peace. Remember, your foundation is in me. You are deeply rooted in me and nothing can harm you. There will always be OFF DAYS where you don’t feel aligned with Spirit. It’s OK. Just let it BE and flow with me. It will pass as you take time with me to go within and be filled up. You are mine and I am yours and all is well. I am orchestrating everything in your life.”

Here is an angel card I received in meditation:

STAR –Wash away all fear and discover you are a shining star. Allow all around you to just BE. Let go of trying to control life for the light of your soul will guide you always toward LOVE. Never forget you are truly a shining star.

This card really spoke to my heart. When I was writing Simply a Woman of Faith 14 years ago, I didn’t think I could finish writing the book because I was filled with fear. I didn’t write for a year and said to God, “You have chosen the wrong person, I am not doing it.” God had other plans and I’m so grateful Spirit was patient with me.

During this time when I wasn’t writing, I had a dream that changed my life. I was climbing a staircase that reached up to heaven. When I reached the top of the stairs, I reached out to touch the STAR and I became the STAR. Here is the affirmation that I have been saying for years. I am a star that shines brightly to lead others to the God within. We are all shining STARS and are needed to shine our lights in the world.

There will always be days when we feel OFF and don’t know why. It’s an invitation to trust God is in control and if there is something I need to learn or change, Spirit will show me.

With the grace of God, I relaxed, let go, and trusted in the divine plan for my life. I spent Sunday painting and doing creative projects, which I truly enjoyed. It felt like I was back to myself and in alignment with Spirit.

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