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 A few weeks ago, I shared in my blog how happy I was to find the “HONEY” bear in the bottom of the box that was on the top shelf of my closet.

Before I put the box back, I wanted to see if I had missed anything. Sure enough, I noticed a brown manila envelope and I had no idea what was in it. There were about 100 greeting cards that I had saved from my children over the years. I decided to randomly choose 2 cards and see who they were from.

I picked 2 beautiful birthday cards and they were both from one of my sons telling me how much he appreciated and loved me. It touched my heart deeply because I was really missing my son and hadn’t talked to him in a few weeks. I sat and allowed the sadness to come up, as the tears rolled down my cheeks. Because of the virus, I’m unable to visit my family this summer and I don’t know when I will see them next.

Just a few hours earlier before finding the cards, I shared with Larry my feelings about how much I missed my son. I didn’t have to do anything, but allow myself to just feel and BE. I was still feeling kind of raw and vulnerable when the phone rang a couple of hours later.

I couldn’t believe it when I saw my sons name come up on my phone. He called to thank me for a “heart letter” that I had sent to all of my children on Mother’s Day.  Was that a coincidence or God that he called at the moment I needed to hear his voice? I believe it was GOD.

I broke down when I heard his voice and told him about the cards that I found that morning from him. It was quite emotional when I told him how much I missed him and he told me how much he missed me. It was a sacred moment as we both felt the love through the phone lines.

We are all connected by Love and through Love. God’s timing is always perfect and we get what we need when we need it. My son calling me at that time was divinely orchestrated.

 A few days later, I decided to take out the manilla envelope from the box and read all the cards. Again, tears flowed as I read each card that my children had sent me.  I’m so grateful that I had saved the cards as my heart was touched deeply.   

This week as I went through the box again, I found my intention book that I was inspired to create 14 years ago when I wrote “Simply a Woman of Faith.” Instead of a vision board, I had created my intention/ picture book that I prayed with every day for one year. There were pictures, affirmations, and meaningful scripture passages.

As I sat and looked through my intention book, I was amazed at what has come true and what I have manifested. I am living my dream and what I had intended and prayed for. Not only was my book published, I retired from my job as an Addiction Therapist and followed my heart to become a Spiritual Life Coach and Speaker. I traveled to Bermuda to give a women’s retreat (which was in the book). 

I had not remembered the picture of a turtle swimming in Maui that I had put in my intention book. My spirit knew this would be my soul’s path way before it manifested in form.

Since creating my intention book 14 years ago and seeing all that I had manifested, I decided to create another one about the book Larry and I are writing together. I spent the afternoon cutting out pictures and words and creating new affirmations.  I had so much fun and felt a tremendous amount of excitement and energy creating my new intention book.

I know deep within my soul that this is God’s will for us to write this book and share our love story with the world. God is still writing our love story as our hearts are united in love.

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