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I love how Spirit gets my ATTENTION and how I am always guided and provided for. Here is how my day unfolded. I haven’t been to yard sales in a few months.

I woke up bright and early Saturday morning and decided to go to the farmers market and stop at yard sales along the way. I always pray when I get in the car before sailing, “Only what I need, Lord.”  My daughter, Mary, and grandson, Herbie, are coming to stay with us for 5 weeks on Tuesday and I wanted to get some things for Herbie to play with.

I stopped at the first yard sale and the woman looked at me and said, “I was in a car accident last night and it is a miracle I didn’t get hurt and neither did the  people in the other car. I am so grateful that I am alive. I want to give back and everything is FREE here.” I chatted with her a few minutes and just listened as I could tell she needed to just talk.

I have never been to a yard sale in all my years as the “Yard sale queen” that everything has been free. I helped myself to a few things that I could use and share with others. I found a puzzle for Herbie that he would enjoy on his visit. I thanked her and went on my way.

The next yard sale was even better. I loved the sign I spotted when I first walked in that read, “LOVE IS EVERYWHERE.” I picked it up and asked, “How much is this?” She said, “It’s free.”  I said, “Really, how nice of you, thank you.” I continued to look around and then heard her say, “I am moving and everything is FREE.”

WOW, I couldn’t believe that this was happening again. I found several things that I needed and found some new books and games for Herbie. I found a warm bathrobe for Mary as it gets chilly here in the morning since it is winter in Maui.

Of course, I felt grateful but I didn’t think too much about it until that night when Larry and I attended the Valentine’s dance at the MAC. As we were about to pay, Sandy said, “It’s free tonight.” I said, “How come?” She replied, “Because we want to.”

We had a great time dancing and had fun. As we walked to our car after the dance, it dawned on me that this was the third time in one day that I had received something for FREE. I knew it was not a coincidence, but something I needed to PAY ATTENTION to. I prayed and asked Spirit to show me what the message was.

Here is what Spirit revealed to me. “You are responsible for the pace and PEACE you bring to each moment. You cannot blame anyone else if you lose your peace or give your power away.”

Spirit is inviting me to PAY ATTENTION and to go within for guidance in everything I do. I do this by:

  • Trusting my intuition, even it if doesn’t make sense.
  • Trusting when I need to be quiet and still.
  • Trusting when I need to go out.
  • Trusting when I need to speak up.
  • Trusting when I need to say NO.
  • Trusting when I need to detach and let go.
  • Trusting when I need to rest and sleep.
  • Trusting Spirit is guiding me always.
  • Trusting God’s plan for my life.
  • Trusting God’s timing is perfect.
  • Trusting everything I need is inside of me.
  • Trusting all there is is LOVE
  • Trusting my body and what it needs.

Do you pay attention to the small, still voice of God within? Do you ask for guidance from Source or do you go full steam ahead, get exhausted and then wonder why you aren’t peaceful?

“You are responsible for the pace and PEACE you bring to each moment.”





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