I am going higher and higher with God

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Last February I took a trip to the Lavender Farm in Maui with 2 girlfriends and spotted a small sign as we drove in that said, “Paragliding.” I immediately said, “Oh that sounds like so much fun, I want to do that.” I wrote down the number to call to get more information. I mentioned it to my friend, Larry, that night about how much fun it would be and that I would love to do it. My birthday was in October and he surprised me with a Paragliding gift certificate. I used my Paragliding certificate today and I am now a student/affiliate of the U.S. Hanging Gliding and Paragliding Association. How impressive is that?

I could hardly wait to get home and write about the experience because I had the time of my life. It had to be the perfect weather conditions to fly and it was perfect; the sky was blue, the wind was blowing just right, the instructor, Dexter, was from New York (where I was born) and my girlfriends were so excited and cheering me on and, of course, taking all kinds of pictures.

When we arrived at the Lavender Farm at 10:30 a.m. I looked up into the sky and spotted someone paragliding. With my mouth wide open, I said, “OMG, that’s what I’m going to be doing?” We all burst out laughing and my friends asked, “You mean, you didn’t know?” I am embarrassed to say that I hadn’t seen how high I would be traveling in the sky. This was probably a good thing because I may have chickened out. There was no turning back and off we went to find my instructor, Dexter.

Just standing on the mountain before we took off, the view was breathtaking as we were up 4,000 ft. and we could see all of Maui. Before my flight, I had to sign all kinds of papers and Dexter assured me that he had been doing this for 25 years and had never had an accident. This made me feel much better!

We were ready to take off as I put my helmet on and got strapped into my gear. I forgot to tell you that Dexter was flying with me and strapped in right behind me. I stood there with my hands open wide and prayed. There was a big parachute behind us that would open as we ran down the hill together. He said, “Just do everything I tell you to do and you will be just fine.” I smiled and said, “Ok.”

The first thing he said was, “We have to wait for the right wind to come so we can take off. It will come. When it comes, I will tell you to run as fast as you can down the hill.” I looked down at my Croc shoes and hoped and prayed they would stay on. They did and he was right. The wind came as the parachute opened and we lifted up into the air. What an exhilarating feeling to just put my arms up and float in the sky and go higher and higher. For many years, I have prayed to go higher and higher with God.

As the wind carried us higher and higher into the sky, I felt so connected to God and the Universe. I was amazed at how relaxed and at peace I was. I didn’t feel any fear and was completely in the moment. I didn’t want it to end and could have stayed up there for hours. I said to Dexter, “This is really a spiritual experience.” He said, “Yes, many people have that experience.”


There are many lessons that I learned from this experience. First, I had to trust my instructor, Dexter, that he knew what he was doing and I would be safe. I had to listen carefully to his instructions and do what he said. I had to wait and be patient until the right and perfect wind came to lift us off. I had to let go of control and give the control to someone who knew what they were doing. I had to be willing to take a risk and experience something I had never experienced before. I had to let go of fear and all the “what ifs” that could happen. I had to be willing to go higher with God.

I asked myself, “What are the lessons I am learning between this experience and the message for me in my life today?” There were many and I have a sense that they will continue to reveal themselves.

*Learning to TRUST God, myself and someone else

*Learning to LISTEN to all instructions and follow them

*Learning to LET GO of control and ENJOY the ride

*Learning to take a RISK

*Learning to go HIGHER

*Learning to TRY SOMETHING NEW that I haven’t experienced before

*Learning to let the Universe CARRY me higher and higher

*Learning to WAIT and be patient for the right and perfect timing

*Learning to have COURAGE to do things that I am afraid of

*Learning to ALLOW the Spirit to carry me

*Learning that God has my back and we are ONE

As I relaxed, lifted my arms to the heavens, let go, sang praises to God, and trusted that I was safe, the view from the top of the mountain was absolutely breathtaking and amazing.

I was still “flying high” from the day and wanted to just relax as I ate my dinner. I rarely watch the TV, but decided to put it on to just veg. out. This is what came on the screen when I turned it on.

“If you only had a few minutes left to live, have you lived your dream and have you come to earth to do what you wanted to do?” They kept repeating this in the background:


*There’s something more – just beyond your reach *We forgot our true greatness and magnificence

*Return to nature *Dream BIG *Give the Universe goose bumps at the way you live your life

*This is your moment, your time *Come play, be willing and carefree *Be the guru of your own heart

*Don’t look for shortcuts to God *I am another YOU *Do you know how truly blessed you are

*Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, the God who conceived me in love

*Do something so magnificent that the Universe bursts into applause *Prayer is celestial conversation between me and love and union with Divine Essence *When I know myself, I know God *Love is surrendering to the ONE

A couple of days after my paragliding, I was cleaning my bathroom and packing boxes to move, I heard a song on the radio that brought me to tears and confirmed my experience and that I am loved and safe.

“I will lift you up over the mountain and over the valleys. I will carry you on the wings of the angels. There is nothing that will keep you from my love. My heart surrounds you on the wings of the angels, you will rise high above everything and I will make everything right.”

I want to give the Universe goose bumps at the way I live my life. How about you? If you only had a few minutes left to live, have you lived your dream and have you come to earth to do what you wanted to do?



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