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I love when I am IN THE FLOW and allow my day to unfold in peace, ease and grace, trusting everything is unfolding according to a divine plan. I trust I AM exactly where I am meant to be and trust that what will come in the next moment will be for my highest good.  Being IN THE FLOW means I know that ALL that I need is flowing to me easily and effortlessly.  Being IN THE FLOW means I have an attitude of gratitude, especially when things appear to be not going the way I would like them to go. For example, I drove 35 miles to the other side of Maui to attend a dance last night. When I arrived and got out of the car, I had a flat tire. I immediately thanked God for protecting me and getting me there safely. It could have been disastrous if I had had a blowout on the dark single lane, windy highway that I traveled through the edge of the mountains and along the coastal cliffs. I called AAA and they were there within the hour to fix my tire. All my needs were taken care of and I thanked God all the way home.

When I am IN THE FLOW, I am willing to let go and let God on a daily basis. I let go of fear, lack consciousness, control, people pleasing, my plan, judgement, anger, wanting others approval and impatience, to name just a few. I recently read in Daily Word that “It can be terrifying to let go as we pass through the wilderness on the way from limited knowledge to greater self-understanding. True letting go or releasing means that we have trust in our divine self to allow a greater personal self to emerge. God always has good for us and we will have to let go of the lesser in order to receive the greater.”

I would love to say that I am always IN THE FLOW. I have learned that it is unrealistic to expect that, but it is certainly my goal and intention to live from a place of love and trust on a daily basis.  I have more days of being IN THE FLOW than I have ever had in my life. At the end of the day, I often see how perfectly the day unfolded when I just allowed it to happen and trusted my intuition. I use to love having lists and agendas and being able to check them off at the end of the day. It gave me a sense of control and success.  Of course, there is nothing wrong with lists and accomplishing things, and in fact, if I don’t write things down, I often forget them!

What I am talking about is a major shift that has occurred in my being and the way I do and see things. I love not having anything on my plate for a day – and then following the energy of what I feel like doing and what God is calling me to do.  It is exciting to see what turns up.  For example, I might be standing in line waiting to have lunch and end up meeting people who invite me to join them, or I find the perfect picture that I absolutely love and have been “looking” for, or unexpectedly encountering two turtles in the ocean and being able to play with them.

You may be thinking as you read this, “I am too busy and have too many things to do to be IN THE FLOW,” yet you are important and deserve to take time for yourself to just BE and do what you want to do. It is not only necessary but crucial to your spiritual well-being. God wants you to experience a deeper walk with Him/Her but you must be willing to give yourself time to hear the small still voice of God and follow your intuition. That means you have to make the time to go within. Start out small and see what happens, you might really like it!

My lesson for this week was about welcoming in all of my feelings and not judging them. Feelings are not right or wrong and they pass like the passing clouds if I allow them.  As I watched the couples and children playing in the ocean and laughing, I felt a sense of loneliness and I went to an “old behavior” of thinking to myself “I must be doing something wrong” that I am alone. Thoughts like, “I should have joined a club to meet people, volunteered or did something.” Then I realized that I was trying to “fix” me or change “what is.”  Right now, I am alone which gives me a great opportunity to deepen my relationship with God and come home to myself-my soul. I am connecting more with my God-self and my essence. In fact, I am beginning to think that has been the whole purpose of these last 6 months of living in Maui. It has been about receiving God’s unconditional love, trusting my intuition, loving myself and remembering I am ONE with God. As I open myself to receive more of God’s love, I am able to BE love and give love to all I meet. I am Love.

In prayer one night, I did some journaling and asked God some important questions and I decided to share them with you.

Pat: God, what do you want me to do for the next 5 weeks while I am in Maui?

God: I want you to live the life I am offering you. I am inviting you to go deeper with me and come home to yourself.

Pat: What do you mean God?

God: You must stop judging where you are, or thinking that you are doing something wrong. You are doing everything right, by showing up and going with the flow. Do you know how many people have to have agendas and have no idea how to go with the flow? You are living your dream and that is your spiritual work. Stop worrying that you are not doing enough. You are doing more than you know by being in the flow, trusting me on a daily basis and asking for all of your needs to be met.

Pat: How do I handle the lonely feeling I sometimes feel when I see couples and children having fun and I am alone?

God: You must feel your feelings. Welcome them in and don’t judge them. They will pass. Be compassionate with yourself. I know what you want and it will come. You must continue to be patient and to trust in my divine timing and plan. You are my beloved and I am well pleased with you, for you are following your heart, inspiring others and sharing my love with the world. Relax Pat and surrender to “what is” rather than what’s missing.

While looking back on my journal entries this week, I came across something that I read in the Science of Mind magazine that really spoke to my heart and I would like to leave you with these words.

“One of the most frustrating times along the spiritual path occurs when NOTHING seems to be happening.  On the surface nothing seems to be happening, but underneath a great shift is occurring. Instead of feeling frustrated, it may be that life is giving you a safe place to rest and gather your energy for the journey ahead. You may not be able to see which way to go, but if you sit patiently, have faith that life has meaning and wait until the mist clears, you may find that one day you wake up to a bright blue sky that reveals a clear path leading to an even more beautiful mountain than the one you just climbed. The temptation will be to run around in the mist searching for guidance. But this will wear you out and until you stop and rest, no further path will be revealed to you until you have the energy to attempt the next climb. Trust that although nothing seems to be happening on the surface, a whole lot is happening below the surface.”

Daily Word

“All is well. What a powerful statement! When I affirm “All is well,” I am affirming that my life and the lives of those I love are in God’s care, filled with divine blessings. My trust is in God. By stating “All is well” I open myself to a flow of divine energy and everlasting love that blesses me in unimaginable ways. Just as a faucet opens to a free flow of water when it is turned on, I am open to a free flow of peace, prosperity, love and joy when I turn my heart to God. No need is too great for the power of God within me to resolve.



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