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“Anyone who is not on the same evolutionary and spiritual frequency will distance himself/herself from you, while all those who are on the same evolutionary and spiritual frequency as you will come closer to you; you will see how amazing it is to discover that everyone who needs to be by your side will ultimately appear in your life in the most spontaneous and divine manner.”

A couple of years ago my best friend told me she didn’t want to see me anymore because I had changed too much and she didn’t like something I had said to her. I felt devastated, hurt, sad, angry, and disappointed. It took time to process my feelings and let them go. I chose not to hold onto resentment and forgave her, even though I didn’t understand how this happened (until NOW) after 35 years of friendship. Like the quote says, anyone who is not on the same evolutionary and spiritual frequency will distance himself from you. No right or wrong, good or bad, accept what is.

As I sat around the table with my “Maui tribe” of women for a delicious Turkish breakfast, we all agreed that Spirit had brought us together and most likely, we had past lives together (everyone who needs to be by your side will ultimately appear in your life in the most spontaneous and divine manner.)

I was inspired to pose this question to my friends, “What was the greatest gift you received during COVID this past year? The love, gratitude, and sharing flowed as we opened our hearts more deeply to one another. We shared the joys as well as the pain of isolation and being alone during COVID.

I shared that my greatest gift from COVID was doing FaceTime with my daughter and grandson every day while they ate their dinner. They are on the east coast and we are 6 hours difference. Before COVID, we usually talked once or twice a week.

What a joy it was for us to just “shoot the breeze” about what was going on in our daily lives. My daughter took me on a farm tour of her amazing herb gardens that were magnificent this time of year. I watched my grandson compete at the gym. During this time, we supported, listened to, and loved one another. My daughter is truly is her mother’s daughter and I’m so proud of the woman and mother she has become.

AS YOU ARE SHIFTING, you will begin to realize that you are not the same person you used to be. The things you used to tolerate have become intolerable. When you once remained quiet, you are now speaking your truth. When you once battled and argued, you are now choosing to remain silent. You are beginning to understand the value of your voice and there are some situations that no longer deserve your time, energy, and focus.” Unknown

I don’t know about you, but I know I am not the same person I used to be. I feel changed from the inside out; alive and free to be myself. I always did the BEST I could at the time so I don’t beat up on myself. I’m just grateful for the changes and for the woman I am becoming.

Recently, a friend said something to me that was hurtful. Instead of being defensive and saying something sarcastic back or pushing it down and pretending nothing was wrong, I simply and lovingly said, “what you said didn’t feel good.” My friend immediately took responsibility for what she said and it was done. Where I once remained quiet, I am now speaking my truth.

I’m grateful that I recognized “at the moment” that what my friend said didn’t feel good. For so many years, I was numb and not in touch with my feelings. It may have taken a few hours or weeks to realize I felt hurt.

Where I once battled and argued because I wanted to be right and in control, I’m now choosing to remain silent. Choosing to be silent is a big one for me. I’m learning to mind my own business, unless I’m asked for advice, I try not to give it.

I am responsible for my own happiness. Everyone has their own journey and process and it’s not up to me to fix or show them the way. It is very liberating to realize that there are some situations that no longer deserve my time, energy, and focus.

 “Use your voice for kindness, your ears for compassion, your hands for charity, your mind for truth, and your heart for love.”

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