“I Am Wide Open To Receive”

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It occurred to me that God often communicates with me through my thoughts and feelings or through the signs I see while I am taking my daily walks along the ocean. Sometimes, I see weddings on the beach, see signs on cars and buildings or hear music playing. In other words, I try to be present and pay attention to everything that is all around me because I want to experience more of God in my life. I practice living in the now by feeling the gentle breeze on my face, hearing the cardinal sing its song to me, seeing the palm trees sway back and forth, watching the crashing waves and the turtles bobbing up and down in turtle cove, smelling the aroma of the lily bush and feeling the peace and energy of Maui which pulsates within my being. Am I always in the now and the present moment? No, I’m not, but it is a practice and a discipline that I am cultivating one day at a time.

Today, as I was walking to the Ritz-Carlton I noticed a truck go by with a sign on the back window that read “WIDE OPEN.” I thought about it for a minute and even said to myself “I am wide open.” I was on my way back from my walk and spotted the truck for the second time. Now I really needed to pay attention and go within and see what it meant for me. “Where am I WIDE OPEN,” I asked myself.

The first thing that came to mind was: I am WIDE OPEN to receive more of God’s love, abundance, prosperity, happiness, joy, peace, fun, faith, healing, my soul mate, the right and perfect place to live when I move back to Hawaii in September and the right and perfect person to buy my house in Rhode Island. I have come to love proactive thanksgiving – thanking God for what I want before I receive it. Being WIDE OPEN is a choice, a decision to receive more of the Divine in my life. It is knowing that I am deserving and worthy to receive. When I open my eyes in the morning, I thank God for the blessings that will come my way that day. I consciously choose to be WIDE OPEN to spirit and the day’s unfolding. Before coming to Hawaii two years ago, I wrote out a daily affirmation that allowed me to receive this blessing of Hawaii. It was simply “I am open to receive more of God.”

As the week went on, God continued to reveal to me what being WIDE OPEN really meant to me. Being WIDE OPEN puts me in a state of vulnerability and possibility. When I am open, I am letting go of old ways of seeing and doing things, of old patterns that have blocked my growth and dreams-and that can be scary. ┬áBeing WIDE OPEN also means that I accept change, especially when I am transitioning into something new in my life and the old is no longer serving me. It is in this sacred place of “waiting” that my trust in God is deepened and strengthened. I believe that nothing leaves my life unless it is time for it and I am ready and open for new possibilities to come into my life. I am learning to embrace the mystery of “not knowing” what’s next and trusting in God’s love and guidance. Daring to be open to change and being courageous is one way to live the adventure of my life and to live my life to the fullest.

Being WIDE OPEN means that I believe that I attract everything into my life for my highest good – and that includes challenges and problems with other people, especially when it is with someone I love and care about. My initial reaction may be to judge or blame the other person for hurting me. But after processing the situation and taking a big gulp, I choose to trust that the experience is for my highest good and that of the other person. Then the peace comes because I am letting go of blaming, judging and making the other person wrong. In other words, I free myself from Victim Land because I lived there for too many years. I know that whenever I judge/blame someone or make them wrong, I am a victim. Now I choose to live in Freedom Land where there is love and forgiveness and peace.

BEING OPEN means I act “as if” I am prosperous, abundant, happy by going to places that I enjoy, wearing things that make me feel good, treating myself to small gifts, pampering myself, getting a massage and spending time in nature. I smile at people and say Aloha and that makes me happy. I “see myself” dancing to Earth Angel with my soul mate and that always makes my heart skip a beat. Several times in prayer this week, I received this Goddess card: “I am dancing my own dance.” I guess I am learning to dance my own dance first before I dance it with another. Most importantly, I watch my thoughts vigilantly and if thoughts of “not good enough” or unworthiness come up, I immediately change them to the truth of who I am as a child of God. I remember that God is my source and that I am one with God.

Are you WIDE OPEN? If not, why not? Do you feel deserving to receive more of God’s love? You are a beloved child of the universe and the kingdom of God is in you and all around you. You are invited to say YES to all that is your spiritual inheritance and Divine birthright. Step into the sunshine of your life, be WIDE OPEN and LIVE.

I AM IN THE RHYTHM WITH THE FLOW OF LIFE – Julia Cameron, Author of the Artists Way

“I accept divine timing in my life. I surrender control of the tempo of my good’s unfolding. I am both eager and patient as my heart is prepared to receive God’s gifts of love, friendship, creativity, and abundance. I trust good is coming to pass for me in perfect timing for my highest good.”

Affirmation a friend sent me this week:

“I am standing in GRACE in the pure bliss of “not knowing” and the sheer JOY of trusting the Universe.”

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