I fell and broke my shoulder

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On Friday, June 12th my day was going along pretty normally until around 7:30 a.m.  Pat was on her daily walk at the beach and I was home enjoying the morning.  The next thing I knew was that there were two strange men at the door with my wife and I could see she was clearly in pain and didn’t look good.

Pat had been walking on the beach and stubbed her toe on a partially hidden rock. She fell down and landed on her shoulder. She had fallen near the edge of the water and couldn’t get up as the small waves covered her with sand. She was alone and scared, but didn’t panic because she kept choosing love. Within a few minutes, she saw a man walking on the beach and called out for help. He came right over and helped her to get up.

Her friends, Lou and Chip, were right ahead of her and came to her rescue and brought her home. Since she was covered in sand, the first thing I had to do was get her into the shower and get her cleaned up.

As a former Police Officer, I experienced many emergency situations. I was very good at keeping my wits about me as long as the situation didn’t involve my family.  In the past, when a family member was involved, I became panicky, frightened, stressed and not able to respond to the challenge very well.

With Pat’s accident, I remained, calm, focused, and stress-free.  I assessed the situation and brought her to the critical care center, where she was diagnosed with a broken shoulder. This behavior is new for me when it concerns someone I love.  I’m sure my trust in the energy and light of LOVE enabled me to be present in the moment and open to the help of a higher power.       

Since I have accepted the gift of Love in my life, I was able to see this situation as an opportunity to be there for Pat during this challenging time. It is a privilege to be a vessel of love by taking care of her, because I believe it is God loving her through me.

Our friends have been wonderful – they have rallied around Pat with LOVE, calls, prayers, and meals. It’s wonderful to see Pat’s family who are 5,000 miles away be there for her with facetime calls and loving concern.


Do you agree with this? There is more joy in giving than receiving? I think it needs to be both to live a balanced life. I don’t believe we can really receive without the experience of giving and we can’t give without the experience of receiving. Like many of us, I am more comfortable with giving, as it gives me great joy to help others. 

This chapter in my life is about RECEIVING. My heart has been cracked open wide because of the love I have received from Larry, my children and friends on Maui and from the mainland. Friends blessed us with meals, calls, and all kinds of support. I know I’m healing quickly and with minimal pain because of the energy healing and Reiki I am receiving. I asked for prayers from friends on Facebook and the response has been overwhelming.

I’m allowing myself to ask for what I need and be vulnerable.  In this moment in time, there are things I cannot do for myself with a broken right shoulder and have to ask for help. It is humbling to realize we are not in control of our lives, even though at times, I think I am.  

We never know what the next moment will bring, do we? It is my intention to be peaceful with whatever is happening around me. I am at peace when I remember to be grateful, accept “what is” and live in the present moment. I am given the opportunity to practice what I believe; everything happens for a reason, I can become bitter and complain or become better and evolve. I am choosing to evolve.

I am experiencing daily lessons, gifts and opportunities that I am grateful for. I will be incapacitated for the next 5 weeks. I know I will have a lot to share about what I’m learning in this sacred school of life. What I know in my heart is that I am not alone and everything happens for a reason.  Love always provides, guides and protects me.

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