I Get What I Need When I Need it

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I am always provided for and I get what I need when I need it and sometimes, I get it when I don’t even know I need it. This is what happened to me this week. When I woke up and checked my phone messages, there was a 401 number that I didn’t recognize. I don’t always call back my unanswered calls because it is often a telemarketer. For some reason, I called the number back and when the person answered I said, “Who am I speaking to, you called my number today?” A woman responded, “Who is this?” Then, when she told me her first name, I recognized it and that is how our “synchronistic-divine” conversation began for the both of us. It is interesting that my number was even in her phone since we had met for a cup of tea over four years ago. As we began to share, she realized that she had dialed the wrong Pat. Or did she?

“Where are you living?” I asked. She replied,”I am living in Florida. I came here to take care of my dying uncle and to regroup. I decided to stay here and I love it.” Of course, she didn’t know I was living in Hawaii. As we shared our spiritual journeys with one another and what God was doing in our lives, it was like I was hearing myself talk. She was learning the same lessons as I was about BEING, rather than DOING, living in the present moment, being comfortable with not knowing what was next, trusting the process as it unfolded. We shared how challenging it’s been since we were both over- achievers and DOERS, but the peace and joy we were now experiencing was worth it.

Talking to her was a confirmation that I am doing God’s will and on the right path. This trip to Hawaii is a gift and an opportunity to trust, deepen my relationship to Spirit and learn to BE and receive love. We both knew this was a divine connection and that we were meant to talk to each other and support one another on our paths.

Later in the week, my plan was to give a workshop on the Big Island and visit my friend Eileen. I arrived safely at Eileen’s house on Saturday. The only problem was that Eileen was in ICU on another island suffering from a near-drowning incident and a mild heart attack. I didn’t see her until she was released from the hospital a few days later, and as you can imagine, she was weak and traumatized by the accident. We both knew why I was there at this time; to pray and support her through the healing process. It was like watching a miracle before my eyes as her heart opened to God and the healing began. Within a day, she was feeling better and up on her feet. God knew what Eileen needed before she needed it and provided a way for me to be there to minister to her. We have had a wonderful time together: praying, playing, eating ice cream and touring the volcano, rainforest and other magnificent sites in Hawaii. This trip has truly been a gift to me in many ways and I am so grateful that my workshop was successful and lives were changed.

God knows what you and I need before we know it and need it. What I know for sure is that we can trust the Source of our being. God tells us to “ask and we shall receive” what we want and to trust that it will come in perfect and right timing. Be open and expect miracles to grace you every day, and they will come.


I am in love with the adventure of life

I am choosing to see all life as play

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