I had a vision during surgery

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Not only am I seeing the world better due to cataract surgery last week, but my “spiritual eyes” were opened and healed during surgery. It felt like the veil was lifted and the truth revealed. I am ONE with God with everyone and everything. There is only ONE and there is only LOVE. I am a DIVINE being having a human experience.
Right before the surgery the doctor met with me and asked, “Mrs. Burns, do you have any questions or concerns?” I answered, “No, I’m feeling relaxed and there are angels here.” With a big smile, he got excited and said, “Yes angels, I believe in angels and I always pray for wisdom when I operate on patients.” Of course, that made me feel more relaxed as I put my hands together and said, “Namaste.” Then the anesthesiologist met with me to tell me he would be at my feet and administer anesthesia if and when I needed it.
I’m not particularly fond of hospitals and usually feel anxious or fearful before any kind of procedure. I know that I felt relaxed because of the mantra I said before and during the surgery. I repeated to myself “I choose love, I choose love, I choose love.” It worked because I remained peaceful throughout it all and didn’t require any anesthesia.
There was music playing in the background and as I listened to the words, I couldn’t help but smile. All I remember was “And then he kissed me.” I thought of when Larry kissed me for the first time and that made me feel good all over.
They had given me drops before the surgery to numb the eye so I didn’t feel anything. My face was covered with some kind of cloth with just an opening for the doctor to operate on my eye. I was instructed to watch the red light the whole time, which I did.
The doctor was at my left side during the procedure. He left my side to speak to someone to confer and all I could hear him saying was the number 23 that he repeated 3 times to the person he was talking to. He said, “I am 99% sure this is correct.” That was a little disconcerting that he was 99% sure of something he was doing to my eye. It was a few days later that Spirit brought to mind the significance of 23. It was the 23rd psalm. The lord is my shepherd, I shall not want…
During the surgery as I kept my eye on the red light, all of a sudden, I saw big white puffy clouds and then the sky opened up and all I could see was a beautiful light blue sky. I felt a deep sense of peace within and knew something was happening, but I didn’t know what. I asked Spirit to reveal to me the significance of this “vision.”
It was a week later that Spirit revealed to me what the vision was all about and what happened during the surgery. For all of my life, I’ve struggled with jealousy and competition, especially with other women. Although the jealousy had lessened over the years, I still compared myself to other women and never felt like I was getting enough attention. I hated it and I loved it, but nothing worked. Jealousy just “showed up” when I least expected it and I learned to accept “what is” although I didn’t like it.
I knew that it stemmed from my mother’s alcoholism and her not being available emotionally for me all of my life. A few days ago, something happened with a friend that in the past would have brought up feelings of jealousy. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t feel any jealousy. It felt really odd and like something was missing. It might be like if you were in constant physical pain and then one day it was gone. You have lived with it for so long and you didn’t know what to do without it.
Like many of us, I have lived with emotional pain for years and had accepted “what is.” I did everything I could to heal and it was up to Source to do the rest. In the blink of an eye, I was healed and the truth revealed. I have the other cataract operation in a few days. I am curious and open to what will happen next. I choose love, I am love, you are love. Never give up, but keep trusting that Spirit has your back.

We would love to hear from you about how this blog has helped you on your journey. Do you know the truth that you are ONE with God, and never alone?

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