I heard the small, still voice of God

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The first thing I do when I open my eyes in the morning is to thank God for another day of life. I have a daily ritual when my feet hit the ground that includes my intention for the day.

My intention is to be peaceful, to love, to serve, to be healthy and happy, and to be a vessel of love to whomever and wherever God leads me.

I don’t look for people to talk to, it just happens organically and it’s so much fun. God knows who I will be aligned with and who needs to hear a message of hope and love.

I have to admit I love to talk to people and share my story and listen to theirs. I feel blessed and grateful to live in the land of ALOHA where the energy is love. People smile, say good morning and often remark that the energy is palatable and powerful.

A couple of days ago while frolicking and playing in the pool, I started chatting with 2 retired couples who had just arrived at the hotel the night before. I listened to their story and how happy they were as their sons were vacationing with them and had arranged the trip for them.

We chatted and laughed for almost an hour together. When people hear that I live on Maui, they always want to know how I got here. They say, “You are very blessed.” I smile and say, “Thank you, I know I am blessed.”

Of course, sharing my story of how I left my family, community, and friends to follow my heart and move to Maui is always interesting and inspiring, especially when I tell them I knew I was going to meet my soulmate.

It’s such a joy to share that not only did I meet my soulmate here, but we were married 4 years ago and we wrote a book together called, “It’s Never Too Late for Love.” The next day we met at the pool and they bought “It’s Never Too Late for Love” along with my book “Simply a Woman of Faith.”

I love how God markets the books. All I have to do is “show up” and be willing to open my mouth and trust God will use me for His highest good. People are hungry for love and connection.

Saturday is farmer’s market day. I enjoy taking my time and walking around to support and buy veggies from the farmers. There are also vendors that sell jewelry, paintings, and gift items. I stopped at a booth that I had never been to before. I bought a pair of earrings and complimented the artist on the beautiful hand-crafted jewelry she created.

The conversation opened up and she shared that her husband died 3 years ago and she moved to Maui after his death to be close to her only son. With tears in her eyes, she said, “We were married 30 years. I miss him so much as I always knew he had my back. It’s discouraging as there are not many men here.”

There was my opening to give her hope and share how I met Larry and how we wrote a book together. I’m not sure how it came up, but I shared it was my 75th birthday next week.

The man in the next booth heard it was my birthday and came over and sang happy birthday to me. Not only did he sing happy birthday to me, but he gifted me with hand-made soap on Maui. What a blessing to feel the love given so freely.

As I left the market, I heard Spirit say, “Go back and give her your book, “It’s Never Too Late for Love” and tell her that her husband wants her to have the book.” I don’t argue anymore when I hear the small, still, voice of God guide me to do something.

I turned my car around and went back to her booth to give her our book. After I gave her the message that her husband wanted her to have the book, she looked shocked and said, “Really, OMG” as her eyes filled up as she thanked me. 

We are all connected and need one another to support and love one another. What a privilege and honor to give and receive love. The world needs our light.

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