I let go and let God

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September 1 Daily Word  –  Unity

I LET GO AND LET GOD work in me and through me

“Perseverance serves me well when I am determined to achieve a particular goal. The power of my mind and body help me succeed. Nevertheless, I draw on divine discernment to know when to KEEP PUSHING and when to LET THINGS UNFOLD on their own.  I let go and let God work in and through me, guiding me to right actions and outcomes. Sometimes I take the lead, and other times, I allow events to transpire as they will. Surrendering to God opens me up to an inflow of divine ideas, substance and life. I find inner strength that preserves my energy and inspires new ways of accomplishing my goals. By letting go and letting God, I live with ease and grace, accomplishing what is mine to do.”

This reading was very appropriate for me this morning. I am living proof that this works because I have surrendered and have let go of when my house will sell, and because of letting go, I am experiencing peace, ease and grace; I know I could be a “basket case” now with only 4 days left before I leave for Maui and my house not being sold yet.

I feel like I am ready to give birth and am “waiting” for my baby to be born. I remember when I was pregnant with my first child and the last few weeks feeling exhausted.  I couldn’t wait for my baby to be born.  All the wishing, praying and hoping my baby would be born sooner didn’t make a difference. I couldn’t “push” a baby out until it was ready to be born. With the grace of God, I finally relaxed when I realized my baby would be born when it was ready to be born, not when I wanted it to be. I am learning that lesson again about trusting divine timing for my house to be sold. What are you “waiting” for to give birth to in your life? Are you patient with the process or are you pushing to rush it along?

A few days ago, I shared with a friend that I was feeling weary and vulnerable.  As I thought about all the moving I’ve done over the years, I realized that I had a spouse or significant other to help me and movers to pack me up! This move was different because I was doing this by myself and packing up years of my “stuff.” No wonder I was feeling weary because I was in the home stretch. If I wanted peace in my life, which I did, I had to let go, stop pushing and trust divine timing.  To help me with this process, I am drawing on past experiences in my life where I have experienced God not being early or late, but right on time. If God was right on time in the past, I choose to believe the same would happen now because God’s timing is perfect.

A scripture comes to mind that has helped me let go and let God: “By waiting and by calm, I shall be saved, in quiet and trust lies my strength.”  I made it into a mantra and kept repeating it all day long. That night, a friend stopped by to give me a card.  It read: “Good things come to those who WAIT.”  It confirmed what I am living and I know I will frame it.  Waiting can be one of the hardest things to do because we often want what we want when we want it.  It can be very scary when we think we aren’t in control. The truth is that control is an illusion and makes us crazy and stressed.

A woman came to look at my condo last week and my agent told me she loved it and he thought she would be making me an offer. YEA, I was thrilled and beyond grateful. It has been 8 days and I haven’t heard a thing.  It feels like eternity, especially since I only have a few days left before I leave. But I am staying calm and flexing my “patient muscle” to make it stronger. I am trusting God is in control and has me covered.  How else do our faith muscles grow and get stronger? God has never disappointed me and has always been faithful. I know that will continue.

When you receive this email, I will be on the plane flying 6,000 miles to Maui. I am getting excited to see how this will unfold and what God has in store for me. I know it will be as glorious as my daily prayer has been. “I am open to receive more good in my life and I thank you God for the good you have planned.” When I came back to Rhode Island at the end of June to sell my house, I made a decision to enjoy every minute I was here and spend time with family and friends. I have felt so loved and cherished by the kindness and love of my children and friends. I have had many lunches, brunches and dinners out. I have received cards, gifts and emails wishing me the best on my journey. We don’t always know how much others love us because we are always around. I have been so blessed to know at a deep level that I am loved, will be missed, and have made a difference in others’ lives.

My friend, Mary, called on Saturday night and asked, “Can Jerry and I come over for a short visit with you?”  I said, “Sure that would be great.” Although I knew her husband, I hadn’t spent much time with him and he didn’t know my “Story.”  We shared for awhile about my Hawaii adventure and then I asked him how he was doing since he recently lost his job. When he was done sharing, he looked at me and said, “Why are you going to Hawaii?” Where do I begin? I thought. Of course Mary is egging me on, “Pat, tell him how you first got there.” Give me the microphone and I am off and running! I love to share the stories of how God provides for me and the miracles I have experienced. We sat there for 1/2 an hour and I told him one story after another of how God provides. He looked stunned and almost like, is this woman for real? Mary kept saying, “Pat tell him the story when that happened and that happened. The more I shared and remembered God’s love and the stories over the last 35 years, the more exhilarated I felt. I was on a roll and there was no stopping me.

When they were leaving and hugging me goodbye, Mary whispered in my ear, “Thank you Pat, we really needed this tonight.”  When I shut the door and sat down, I realized that it was I who really needed this tonight. Drawing on my life experiences brings me to a place of deep knowing that my God is faithful and only wants my good. I live and dwell in the energy of gratitude knowing all is well and in perfect and right order. I practice living in the moment and appreciate everything I have and do, knowing it is always enough and I am loved. I know that whatever I appreciate, appreciates.

Ernest Holmes, in his book Creative Ideas writes, “Whatever I should know, I shall know. Whatever I should do, I shall do. Whatever belongs to me must come to me. Daily we should practice affirming that our cup is filled and running over, always remembering that what we affirm for ourselves, we must affirm for others. Living and letting live, giving and receiving, loving and being loved, our experience is filled with God’s abundance.  I am living in continued expectancy that every good thing in my experience shall be multiplied. There is neither doubt nor uncertainty in my mind. The past is gone, and I gladly release it and let it go. The present is filled with peace and joy and the future with hope. I am guided into right action and accomplishment of all my good desires. This I accept. This I experience.”

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