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I love to be surprised, but I am very intuitive and therefore, I’m rarely surprised.  Last December, I had the surprise of my life when Larry got down on one knee and said, “You are my queen and I am your king, would you like to make it legal?? Talk about being in shock as I had no idea he was going to propose to me.

One year later, Spirit has surprised me again “big time” and I can hardly believe what is happening to me. When we ask for help, surrender and trust, miracles will happen. In fear of a heart attack due to very high blood platelets, I agreed to go on the 21 day anti-inflammatory diet to stay alive.

If anybody would have told me that I would be enjoying my “anti-inflammatory diet” I would have told them they were nuts. Are you kidding me eating vegetables and fruits and no chocolate or sugar seemed drastic. I grew up in an Irish household where meat and potatoes were the norm. My mother didn’t teach me how to cook so when I married and had children, I did the basics with casseroles, etc. I had no interest in learning how to cook.

Several weeks ago, before I had the results of my blood tests, my son, Tim, and I were talking about the importance of diet. I was adamant and “stubborn” and said, “If I don’t have any major health problems, at my age, I am not open to a life change in my diet. I’m not doing it.”

Thankfully, God had other plans for me. Don’t you love the saying, “We make plans and God laughs.” It has been 12 days on my new way of eating and my energy is coming back “big time.” Not only am I feeling better, but I am enjoying making meals and being creative. I am learning so much and that’s all I want to talk about with my friends is healthy eating.

Spirit has brought everything I need to me.  My friend emailed me about a talk that she had just heard about called, “Inflammation and the connection between dietary choice and inflammation” in the body by Dr. I VanDyken. Larry and I will be attending that talk this week.

My friend, Kati, sent me a picture on my phone of a book she recommended. It looked familiar and then I remembered that I bought the book last year when she did, but didn’t do anything with it. Clearly, I wasn’t ready. It’s called “The Medicinal Chef “ by Dale Pinnock.

My friend, Sandy, lent me a book called “Medical Medium-Life Changing foods” by Anthony William and another friend, Lesta, gave me a book by her future son-in-law called “Infinity Health Manual by   Billy Merritt. With the support and love of friends, Spirit’s help and my willingness to change. I am “awakening” to a new way of life and it feels really good.

When Larry asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I thought a pair of earrings to match my pendant would be nice.  I woke up in the middle of the night and Vitamix came into my mind. I knew that was what I wanted and we went to Costco the next day and bought a red Vitamix. I love it and I’m trying all kinds of new recipes.

What is fascinating and surprising to me is that I am “devouring” these books and learning what foods are healthy for me. Not only am I enjoying my new creative meals, but Larry is loving them too. Larry is calling me “Patti Crocker.”

Do we always need a major crisis to get our attention to change something important in our lives? I don’t know the answer.  Apparently, I did because I wasn’t willing to change my diet until I had a wake-up call.

I am so grateful and my heart is filled with joy that Spirit was patient and didn’t give up on me. Of course, I will have the blood tests repeated, but I know in my heart that they will be normal.


When I was younger there were times when I wasn’t consciously grateful for the many blessings I receive each day.  I have always been able to provide for myself and live comfortably.  I was thankful and appreciative but I kind of took everything for granted.

This all changed when I moved to Maui.  I have been on Maui for over ten years and right from the start I have been overwhelmed with gratitude.  The island’s beauty and spirit, the kindness of people and the love energy is terrific.  Living here is so wonderful that I have become conscious that gratitude continually fills my heart.  I’ve found that the more gratitude I have and express the more gifts and blessings I receive, it’s incredible.

The greatest gift I’ve received while living on Maui is meeting and marrying my wife Pat.  We live a very happy existence our lives complimenting each other.

As you know Pat was diagnosed with symptoms that could have been cancerous.  I was faced with the possibility that she may not be in my life much longer.  When Pat first told me that her doctor wanted her to see an oncologist to rule out cancer, I felt shocked and frightened. Just the thought of losing her was inconceivable.

There was a time in my life that I would have allowed fear to control me. Because of my faith in the energy of love, I didn’t allow fear to rob me of my peace. Instead, whenever I noticed fearful thoughts, I immediately dismissed them and said, I choose love.

Because I chose love, I was able to keep things in perspective and support Pat the way she needed to be supported. Pat and I both stayed positive and reminded each other often to choose love instead of fear.

Like other couples we have little idiosyncrasies and habits that sometimes annoy each other. We try to accept and be flexible with each other’s habits.

Faced with this possibility, her annoying habits and idiosyncrasies vanished and all that is important is that she is here where I can still love and cherish her.

The lesson I learned from this experience is that we won’t have each other around forever.  Instead of focusing on little annoyances and habits, make it a priority each day to tell your wife, husband, partner, parent or friend how much you love them. Make them feel accepted and important while they are still with us.

Who are the people in your life that you value and love? Tell them each day how much you appreciate and love them. Don’t wait to tell them how much joy they bring you and how grateful you are for their presence in your life. Don’t wait; tell them often.







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