I met an angel wearing white and playing the harp

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I woke up feeling unsettled and didn’t feel peace in my heart. I immediately did some breathing exercises and went inside to see what was going on. I felt sad about something in my life that hadn’t manifested yet. I know how important it is to just allow myself to feel and process all of my feelings. In other words, I welcomed in my feelings and didn’t judge or make them wrong. Within a very short time, the sadness was gone and I was back to feeling gratitude and joy.

Is there something in your life that hasn’t manifested yet? It may feel really close that you can almost taste it. You know you have done “your part.” You have released old beliefs, visualized, affirmed, prayed, felt what it is going to be like when it comes about.  And now you are just “waiting” for it to come into form because you know that you know that it is yours because it is the desire of your heart.  It is my belief that God gives us the desires of our hearts and will come to us in the perfect and right time.

What I don’t know and you don’t know is WHEN, WHERE and HOW it will come about. I know it WILL HAPPEN because it is God’s promise.  In this space of “waiting” I am living in the mystery and the unknown. That is not always a comfortable place to be, but a necessary place for spiritual growth.

When I am in the mystery of the unknown and waiting for manifestation, my faith is nurtured and grows because I cannot SEE with my eyes what is ahead. I only SEE with my heart.  I have a choice to live in the NOW and the present moment – where there are miracles and opportunities and adventure.  Why would I not want to live there?  Because I want to control and I want what I want when I want it!

How often do we miss the present moment where God is and where the blessings are because we are focused on what’s missing, and not “what is?” When I become aware that I am not living in the present moment and focused on what’s missing, I see it as an invitation to “let go” of the HOW, WHERE and WHEN.

It all boils down to TRUST – that God Knows Best. Remember the show growing up – Father Knows Best! If I am turning my life over to the God of my understanding, which I am, on a daily basis, I am saying to the God within or my God-Self “YOU ARE IN CONTROL – PLEASE DRIVE MY BUS.” Hold my hand and take me where I need to go, want to go and let it be for my highest good.

I asked myself, “Am I living in Maui because I was able to let go and allow God to lead me, to show me the way? With the grace of God, did I get out of the way and let go of my stinking thinking: I can’t, it’s not possible, I don’t deserve it attitude?”  YES, I DID and all I can say is WOW. If I can do it, so can you if you trust and believe. I will continue to do this because it works.

What an amazing week it has been of experiencing God’s presence, miracles and power in my life as I Let go and let God. If you have read my book,” Simply a Woman of Faith,” you know that I am the “Yard Sale Queen.” Most of my clothes are purchased at yard sales and consignment stores and I love the beautiful clothes that fit me perfectly.  So it is rare that I buy anything for full price at a clothing store. 

My friends and I decided to go to a local boutique that sold beautiful scarfs. I had no intention on buying a scarf until I tried one on for fun. I fell in love with it – I felt like royalty, elegant and beautiful. I didn’t hear God say, “Buy it and I will provide” like I did 20 years ago when $10 showed up in my mailbox after I bought a blouse that I wanted.  I just felt peaceful, and a knowing that I would be provided for. I was being invited to trust that the money would come.  I am practicing “feeling and acting prosperous” and releasing all of my lack of money beliefs so this felt right. I was guided to step out in faith and buy the scarf before I had the money.  My girlfriend also bought a scarf that she fell in love with and we both agreed that the money would show up.

What is interesting is that I had completely forgotten about the email I received that morning from a woman in Rhode Island who plans on attending my retreat in January. She wrote, “I mailed you my $75 check for the retreat this morning.” And guess what, the scarf was $75. Some may call it a coincidence, but I see it as the hand of God affirming that I am in alignment with Spirit and to continue “feeling and acting” prosperous. 

My friend, Linda, and I were on our way to the “Old Lahaina Luau” when we stopped to see the famous Banyan Tree.  As I stepped out of the car with my beautiful new scarf on, a man sat dressed in white and playing his beautiful harp.  He looked at me with such expression and admiration as our eyes locked on one another.  With his mouth open, he said, “You look like you are royalty.” I smiled and said, “I feel like royalty.” We hugged as if we knew one another forever.  His name was Moses David. We chatted for a while talking about God and this being the time of transformation in the world.  We even sang a verse of Hallelujah together.  I said, “I am a woman of faith” and he said, “I am here to inspire people and bring heaven on earth.” 

It was definitely a” holy encounter” as Linda and I floated away, feeling touched by his presence and his words to us. It felt like we really “recognized” each another as children of the Divine.  Linda and I looked at one another and said, “I think he was an angel.” Shortly after that encounter, as we were walking down the street, a man behind me touched my shoulder and said, “Are you a famous movie STAR?” I burst out laughing and said, “No.” I should have said, “Yes, I am “Maui’s Shining Star” (the name of the new book that I’m writing).

This reminded me of the dream that I had in 2005 when I was writing my book and paralyzed with fear.  I was climbing a ladder to heaven and when I reached the top, I put my hand out to touch the star. I then became the STAR. My affirmation is “I am a STAR that inspires others to find the God within.”

When we arrived home, we Googled Moses David.  Sure enough, there was a picture of him sitting under the Banyan Tree all in white with his harp.  Not only was there a picture of him, but a story about his life. A woman had written about her encounter with him and said, “I feel like I met an angel tonight.” What a gift from God. We never know when angels will show up on our path.        

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