I needed to DETACH from my loved one or lose my peace

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A few days ago I read in one of my spiritual books that “anything that makes us anxious is a growth opportunity.”  I didn’t know why I wrote it down in my journal, because I don’t consider myself an anxious person, but I did.  I believe that everything we attract into our lives is for our highest good and there is always a gift for us when we are open to receive it. I also believe that everything has a purpose and serves us.

This morning I woke up “anxious” and worried about a person I loved.  I then remembered writing about anxiety in my journal.  I asked myself, “How is this anxiety a growth opportunity?”  Could it be that I needed to explore some beliefs that no longer served me? Was it an opportunity to heal something from my past that was coming up in the present? When I am anxious, I am focusing on the “visible world” and leaving God out of the picture. Was it a reminder that there is only NOW, no past or future to dwell on and to fix my eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen? It is in the present moment that I experience the Divine.

As I prayed and meditated about it, I recognized that the situation I was anxious about with the person I loved was being triggered by an experience that I had when I was 22 years old.  I was naïve and didn’t know what I know today.  Of course, I wanted to protect my loved one and spare them unnecessary pain.  I didn’t want what happened to me to happen to the person I loved.

Could it be that I’ve traveled that road and remembered the pain and suffering that it caused in my own life?  Alan Cohen, in his book, “Wisdom of the Heart” writes “Every thought is a prayer. WORRY is a form of prayer. It is the form most practiced by most people.” I know that worry is an illusion and robs me of my peace of mind. Worrying about someone doesn’t help me or the other person I am concerned about. It just lowers my vibration.

What happens to you when you think someone you care about and love may be going down a slippery road that could be harmful to them?   Do you try to control them and make them see the (YOUR) light? Do you nag them to change their ways? Do you worry and obsess and make yourself sick?

I reminded myself that I am not responsible for another person’s choices and paths they travel. What another person does or doesn’t do is really none of my business.  It may be exactly what they need to learn their lessons that will help them grow and expand. I had already been honest and shared my concerns and experience with the person I loved.

Here was the opportunity for me to grow.  This is what I did to maintain my PEACE OF MIND:

* I let go of my worry and anxiety and refused to worry. This is the gift I gave myself.

* I trusted God that everything was in the perfect and right order.

* I let go of my control, of thinking I had the answers for the person I loved.

* I detached with love.

* I prayed and sent love and light.

* I trusted they would make the right choices for their life.

When I finished my prayer and meditation, I felt completely peaceful.


I woke up one morning at 4:30 a.m. with this scripture passage running through my head and I couldn’t get back to sleep until I wrote down my thoughts.  The passage was “Unless you are like little children you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.” 

What is a little child like? A little child is innocent, trusting, playful, vulnerable and completely open to copious amounts of love.  They don’t ask for it, they expect it. I think that it is probably because that’s the way it was where they came from. 

I think Spirit is reminding us that we can experience the kingdom of heaven right here and NOW. When we choose to be like little children again; to be open, to trust, to expect love to shower us with its gifts of energy and light, then we can be transported to total love consciousness 

I asked myself, “What is keeping me from receiving this incredible love energy that is being freely offered to me?” Like a little child, I am learning to be more TRUSTING and let go of what CONTROL I think I have over my life. When an opportunity arises that appears to be difficult, I am learning to LET GO of panic and concern and just be open to love’s energy in the moment. 

What works best for me is to remind myself to live in the NOW, one moment at a time. This worked well for me when we arrived in Sydney, Australia to find out the hotel we had reserved was non-existent and later the taxi we reserved to take us to the airport never showed up.  I didn’t panic. Instead, I TRUSTED that things would work out for us and they did. 

We can choose to remove all barriers and obstacles we’ve placed between us and love. We need to stand naked and innocent before God and allow love to transform us from fear to complete openness and trust. 

Hopefully, we will become completely love conscious and realize that the kingdom of heaven is upon us, always has been, always will be.  Have you ever wondered if perhaps heaven is not a place up above but is a consciousness realized through love, a consciousness we were born from and a consciousness we will return to when our earthly journey is finished.

I am dedicated to walking the rest my journey with love consciousness and invite all to do the same.  

In his book, “Wisdom of the Heart,” Alan Cohen writes, “Children are magnificent teachers because they live in innocence. All of us are born in simplicity, but then we learn complexity. By watching children, we can reclaim the innocence we gave away. Kids live in the moment, play frequently, let their imaginations soar, ask for what they want, let their emotions rise and fall, laugh often, have no sense of shame, don’t believe that they have to earn their good, and don’t fear death. It’s never too late to have a happy childhood. To do so, simply drop what you have been taught and remember what you know.”


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