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I love “synchronicities” and how Spirit always leads me when I listen to my intuition and follow it. I was led to do a “Pat day” as I refer to them, and took an early ferry to our neighboring island, called Lanai. I love being on the ferry as it touches my soul when I gaze into the beautiful blue ocean and just breathe.

We stood next to each other as we waited to get on the ferry and I started a conversation with Mellissa, which is so easy to do on Maui.  She shared she was a traveling CNA and on her way to Lanai to get a drug screen and check out housing in the area. It was quite fascinating as she shared her journey of the last 2 years and all the places she’s traveled to.  What an adventure, I thought.

I couldn’t help but notice the tattoos she had on both of her arms and asked if I could see them. There were beautiful flowers and symbols and a compass with the words underneath, “Lord, lead me.” Under that were the words, “My next will be braver than my now. My faith is stronger than my fear.”

Of course, that was my opening to share that I wrote a book called, “Simply a Woman of Faith.”  I shared with her my story and how I followed my heart and moved to Maui. I told her about meeting Ellen in Rhode Island and being invited to stay with her in her condo overlooking the ocean.

We sat next to each other when we got on the ferry and continued our conversation. She shared more about how this job offer on Lanai just opened up the day before.  It was her plan to go back to W. Virginia to visit family and she had just mailed all of her belongings a few days ago. God had other plans and she was following her heart. Within a couple of days after the offer, she had housing with a car included.

As I listened to Melissa and her trust in following God’s plan, something stirred inside of me. I looked at her and said, “I love your adventurous spirit.” She smiled and her face lit up. I then realized that I have the same adventurous spirit. I said, “You know what we see in others is in us, and I also have an adventurous spirit.” She smiled and said, “I was thinking the same thing, but didn’t want to sound weird.”   We both laughed and I said, “We are both weird.” We knew meeting one another wasn’t an accident and it was meant to be. She invited me to stay with her in her new home when she moves in next month, which I will happily do.

After the intense year of traveling, retreats, graduating from the 6 months Sacred Feminine Mystery School and my own deep sexual healing, it is time to rest and integrate it all. Even though I am grateful for this rest period (which is so needed), it feels like I am in limbo and waiting for orders for my next assignment. There was so much expansion and growth and now it is time to contract and BE.

Because of this resting place, if you will, I didn’t see myself as having an “adventurous spirit.”  I asked myself, “Why did I see it so clearly in her and didn’t recognize it in myself?” I needed to meet Melissa to remember and ACTIVATE my adventurous spirit.

I haven’t traveled all over the world (YET), but I have followed my heart and faced my fears in so many areas: going back to school in my forties, dropping out of school for 1 year because I didn’t think I could write a paper, writing a book, getting a divorce after 30 years of marriage and moving to Maui and leaving family, friends and community.

I’m not sure what Spirit is saying to me other than it’s not over yet baby and there is so much more adventure in you.  I’m ready and willing to be guided. Show me the way Spirit. I say YES to the next adventure, whatever that is.

Melissa sent me a text the next day and said, “Small amount of time packed with adventure and aloha. I thanked God for you multiple times as you said many words I needed to hear and they put my wandering thoughts into place. I know we will see each other in the near future.”


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