“I Thought I Lost my Mojo”

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I returned safely to Rhode Island last Wednesday and on Thursday I felt like I was on a mission to get my house ready to put on the market as soon as I could. I called the real estate agent and made an appointment to sign the contract, I contacted my friend Steve to do some painting and got quotes for a new air conditioner unit that had been broken for several years. It all happened with peace, ease and grace and within 4 days everything was accomplished. Steve painted my ceilings on Monday and a new air conditioning unit was installed on Saturday. There is no messing around with this gal! My daily affirmation is “Everything is flowing with peace, ease and grace.” Remember, we get what we EXPECT and I am expecting peace, ease and grace in all my affairs.

My tenant,Carrie Ann, who was renting my house while I was in Maui, found a lovely condo and moved out on Saturday with peace, ease and grace as well. After she moved out, I spent the weekend putting things back in order the way I liked them, and although I love my home, I know in my heart that I no longer belonged here. I felt like I had already let go and was ready to move on.

When I went to bed on Friday night, I felt excited and happy to be back long enough to see my family and friends, but also felt a little sad & out of sorts because I missed the ocean and the Maui aloha spirit. It almost felt like I had lost my mojo. So before I went to bed, I said to God, “I have to do my weekly blog, but I don’t have anything to write about. Please give me a story.” God heard my prayer.

As many of you know from reading my book, Simply a Woman of Faith, I am the “Yard Sale Queen” and always pray for what I need, when I get in the car to go yard sailing.  So this first Saturday home was no different. I knew exactly what I needed and what I wanted to pay for the queen size sheets that were in perfect condition, which I knew I would find at the yard sale. When I walked into the first yard sale which was only a couple of blocks away, I quickly perused the area, but didn’t see any sheets. So I asked the woman, “Do you have any queen size sheets for sale?”  She thought for a moment and then said, “Yes, I do. I didn’t put them out, but they are in the house and I know exactly where they are. We just bought a king size bed and I can no longer use the queen size sheets.” I had visualized paying $5 dollars for the sheets and guess what she wanted for the sheets? Yes, 5 dollars!  Not only were they in perfect condition, but they were right price and the right color.

I left the yard sale thanking God for answering my prayer so quickly. As I drove down the street, I spotted a “lady bug” flag hanging from one of the houses. Tears came to my eyes because lady bugs are one of my symbols that God often speaks to me through. It felt like a “God Wink” and God was saying, “Keep going Pat, you are on the right track and you haven’t lost your mojo.” At the next yard sale, I saw a red cardinal on a shirt that was for sale. Cardinals are another one of my signs. God was certainly “showing up” for me, or my eyes just opened to see the signs all around me. So often we miss the signs because we rush around and miss how God wants to give us a “God Wink.”

My next yard sale find was a practically brand new HUGE brown suitcase with wheels on it that fit the whole trunk of my car. I wasn’t looking for a suitcase, but once I saw it I knew that it was exactly what I needed when I return to Maui with all my “stuff.” And the price was right at 5 dollars. God knows I love bargains and provided for me even when I hadn’t asked specifically for a suitcase.

This story gets even better!  As I drove away from that yard sale, I spotted a sign that read “FREE STUFF” by the curb. I love bargains, but I love FREE STUFF even more. I quickly pulled over and saw a large white bookcase that was in excellent condition. I knocked on the door to make sure it really was FREE.  A man answered the door and said, “Yes, it is free and I have another one upstairs, would you like that one too?”  I quickly answered, “Yes, that would be great.” I knew it would be perfect for my daughter Mary to display her herbs and teas at her shop, Farmacy Herbs. He proceeded to tell me they were in the process of moving and had to have everything out by the next day. I called Mary to see when she could pick the bookcases up and she couldn’t get there until Monday.  To my surprise, John (we were now friends as we realized that our kids played together when they were in grammar school) said to me, “Where do you live?” When I told him where I lived, he said, “I have a truck and will deliver them to your house if you would like.”  Now that is God in action!

Before moving out, Carrie Ann mentioned to me that she needed a desk for her new condo, so that kind of just came out of my mouth and I said, “You don’t have a desk that you want to get rid of, do you?” They looked at one another and said, “Let’s give it to her.” So not only did I get 2 bookcases, but I also got a desk for Carrie Ann.  A few hours later, John delivered THREE bookcases and a desk to my house. Can you imagine that he thanked me for taking his stuff? I was so grateful and wanted to give him something in return. I knew he would be insulted if I offered him money, so I gave him a copy of my book Simply a Woman of Faith for him and his wife Kathleen to read. He was thrilled.

Do you ask for what you need? Do you not want to bother God for the small things in life that you need? Do you feel worthy to ask for what you want? My God wants to supply all of my needs and yours too. God answers specific small prayers like my request for sheets and also anticipates what we need without us even asking for it; like the suitcase, bookcases and desk. I have come to trust that God knows what I need before I even ask.

We need to be open to receive and not be afraid to ask for our needs to be met. Every need is always met, and while your prayers may not be answered immediately, and may even take years to be answered, the important thing is to be patient and continue to believe in God’s perfect timing. Never give up on your dreams because God placed them in your heart and God is faithful.

P.S. God has a sense of humor! I went to a swing dance on Saturday night and counted 8 guys that were wearing Hawaiian shirts – and they didn’t know I was coming! It made me feel right “at home” and reminded me that I got my mojo back!

Science of Mind-A Guide for Spiritual Living, January 2012

God’s only desire for your life is to give you all the good that you can imagine. Your desire for a better life is God-in-you waking up to what’s possible for you. Your unwillingness to settle for less than what you really want is God-in-you knowing Its worth. Your dissatisfaction with old, limited ways of thinking that one group to have power and resources over another is God-in-you knowing that we are all one. I am a conscious co-creator. I am awake and ready to take on my destiny.

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