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I walk in beauty amidst the turtles, butterflies, flowers, birds, mountains, waterfalls, sunshine, whales, rainbows and the ocean. It is in this place of beauty and love that I am experiencing the presence and power of God. I grew up with the belief that “suffering” was good because it brought me closer to God.  Certainly during those times of trials and tribulations, I did experience God’s love and protection.  But, my thinking has changed about suffering…..today I believe that God wants only my good and that His favor is upon me every day.  God wants me to be happy, peaceful, prosperous and abundant.  I had to let go of the old beliefs and guilt so that I would be open to RECEIVE all the good that is planned for me. I realize that over the years I blocked my good and what God wanted for me because I didn’t feel deserving or worthy.

I believe living in Hawaii and walking in the beauty that surrounds me is a result of changing my thinking and knowing that I am deserving and worthy. Hawaii is like living in paradise and I keep pinching myself that I am really living on the ocean in Maui.  When I take my walks in the morning I have a perpetual smile on my face and I say good morning to everyone.

When God placed the idea in my mind to move to Maui for 6 months while I was here last September, I remember very clearly writing in my journal, “Yes, why can’t I do this?” As I prayed daily for guidance and confirmation, I received messages through my angel and Goddess cards that this was God’s plan and that God was inviting me to take a leap of faith. Even before returning home, I called my children and told them I was going to move to Hawaii for 6 months.

As I ponder the last few months, I know it was God’s grace, and on the wings of prayer, that I had the courage to follow my dream and trust that this was God’s plan, despite the fact that I had a limited amount of resources and certainly not enough to live on in Hawaii. I did what I had to do; I sold some jewelry, my mother’s silverware and whatever else I could find that would support my trip. If I trusted God, which I did, money was not going to stop me from following the call and Divine plan for my life. I received a few small unexpected checks in the mail and the day before I left Rhode Island, I was blessed with a substantial financial gift that will take care of all of my needs while I am living here. The best part was that I had no idea I was receiving it. All I know is that God is my source and God is faithful. When you leap, you reap! So often I hear, “I don’t have the money to do what I want.” I didn’t have the money either, but I knew in my heart that God was calling me to follow my heart and I trusted that I would be provided for. I believe God is happy when we trust and even happier to provide for us, often miraculously.

Once I said YES, the magic started to happen. When I got home from Hawaii last fall, I bought a plane ticket to return, and my daily prayer was “thank you God for the right and perfect woman to rent my home. Thank you God for the right and perfect place to live in Maui.” As I have shared in past emails, the right and perfect woman showed up on my doorstep and now Carrie Ann lives peacefully in my home.  I thank God for Pat and Bob for welcoming me into their beautiful condo. This is truly the right and perfect place for me to live.

Has God placed something in your mind and heart for you to do but you don’t trust it, are afraid it is “just you,” and that you might be making things up?  What are your excuses? What is the desire of your heart? Is it to start a new business, write a book, leave a job/ relationship, or move to a new place? You know what it is, for God has placed that desire in your heart. It is time to step out, because God goes before you and will provide everything you need. God is inviting you to say YES and start living the life that is destined for you. Your gifts and talents are needed in this world and the Divine is waiting for your YES. God wants you to walk in beauty and experience His power and love like you have never experienced before.

My prayer for you is that you will trust yourself and your relationship with God, and know that all will be provided when you step out in faith and follow your heart.  Aloha.

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