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I met with my friend, Kerry, this week for tea at Java Coffee Shop. We both arrived on Maui at the same time almost 8 years ago. We have been supporting and encouraging one another ever since, both professionally and personally. She is also from New York, so we had that in common.

One of the ways we support one another is by being accountable to what we say we are going to do. Our check-in every week really has worked and kept us on track and motivated. I know being accountable really works for me.

When I was struggling with writing Simply a Woman of faith, I knew I needed to be accountable. I asked my friend, Joanne, if she would help me and she said, “Yes.” I committed to writing one hour every week and called her on Sunday night to check-in. It was often the day before check- in that I did my writing and it was usually more than one hour once I got started. I don’t think I would have finished my book if I hadn’t made that commitment.

Kerry is working on a new website for her Harmonium business and was feeling stuck. She knew she needed to write every day but was having a hard time following through. I asked, “Would you like to make a commitment to write every day and check-in with me at end of week?” She said, “Yes, that would be very helpful. I will work on my website for 20 minutes every day.”

At the time, I didn’t have anything that I was struggling with that I needed to be accountable for until TODAY.

As I have shared in past blogs, I have been invited to be on staff at the The Sacred Feminine Mystery School. I will be teaching a class on Codependency and leading monthly coaching calls for the women participating in the new 6- month Certification Program starting in November.

I am very excited and honored for this opportunity to share my gifts and work with the women. With that said, the ego VOICES started and they were loud. You know the voices I am talking about? The voice that says, “You are not good enough.  What if they don’t like the talk and they are bored. What if they know more than I do?”

I wrote out everything I was saying to myself in my journal and believe me it wasn’t pretty, and more importantly, I realized it was a big LIE.

I then wrote out affirmations to tell myself the truth. I will write affirmations every day and check-in with Kerry every week to be accountable.

I understand that whenever we start something new or are invited to stop playing small and expand, our ego will act out, and sometimes viciously. Can you relate? The important thing is to be aware of whose voice we are listening to. The voice of ego or the voice of Spirit.

As I meditated and prayed, I heard Spirit say:

“Stop listening to the voice of ego and listen to me. Don’t let ego rob you of your peace and what I have called you to do. Stop playing small and rise up into the truth of who you are. Everything you need is inside of you and when I call you to do something, I will equip you with everything you need.” 

Is there an area of your life that you feel stuck and want to move forward? Do you beat up on yourself and don’t feel good enough? I encourage you to find someone you trust and can be honest with to be accountable so you can move forward and live the life you are intended to live.

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