It is not easy to forgive

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I love Maui and am so grateful for the opportunity to live in paradise. If you have ever visited Maui or live here, you will agree that it is a spiritual place. You can feel the love and peace all around you, especially when you walk down the beach and greet one another with “aloha.”

Of course, it’s not perfect and it has its problems, just like any other place. There are many people who are conscious and living in the light and there are people who are not conscious yet. Unfortunately, I encountered a person who was not conscious this week.

I love to go to yard sales on Saturday and often find some treasures and meet some friendly folks. I picked up the colorful gem stones in a plastic baggie and asked, “How much are these?”  The man said, “Oh these are very special. My dearest friend, who recently died gave them to me. They were her mothers and she was very famous. I cannot sell them, but you can have a few.”

I picked out a rose quartz and turquoise stone. I was thrilled and thanked him for his kindness. I put them in my change purse and paid him for what I bought. When I went to the car wash after the yard sale, I discovered my change purse wasn’t in my pocketbook.

I remember setting it down on the table when I paid the man at the yard sale. I immediately returned to the yard sale, hoping it would still be there. It wasn’t there and the man hadn’t seen it.  We both felt really bad that someone had picked it up and taken it with the money in it.

There was a woman standing close by and listening to the story of the gemstones. I have a feeling she is the one who took my change purse. I said, “What goes around, comes around” and left. Of course, I felt disappointed, violated and sad. This incident gave me the opportunity to CHOOSE LOVE and send the woman love, because she clearly needs it.

I was able to move through this rather quickly because of my intentions for the new year. Spirit guided me in meditation at the end of the year as to what I needed to practice more in my life.

It was GAT – GRATITUDE, ACCEPTANCE & TRUST. If I practiced this in every situation that came into my life, I would experience MIRACLES AND ABUNDANCE.

I made a collage of this and put it on my altar to reflect on and practice every day.  

In the incident with the stolen change purse, this is how I moved through it.

  • I felt my feelings of disappointment, violation and sadness.
  • I felt GRATEFUL that I didn’t have my license and credit cards in the purse.
  • I ACCEPTED “what is.” I left my purse on the table and someone helped themselves to it.  
  • I TRUSTED God that I was given the opportunity to CHOOSE & SEND LOVE.

It’s not easy to forgive when we have been violated in big ways or small ways and it takes time. I choose to keep my HEART OPEN and let go of any energy that is not aligned with Spirit. I choose to walk in the light of love and continue to let my light shine.

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