It truly was a miracle

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It was a beautiful day and I decided to take a walk in the “hood” instead of walking on the path overlooking the ocean like I usually do. I stopped at a neighbor’s house that had a book case on the front lawn with free books to choose from. I spotted a book called “The Neville Reader” by Neville Goddard. I had read something a few years ago by him and liked his writings. The book was published in 1966.

The book was filled with true stories about faith, IMAGINATION, and manifesting. It was right up my alley and I couldn’t put it down. It made it clear why I have been manifesting the way I have for the last 4 decades. Here are a few of his gems:

  • Imagination creates reality.
  • Faith is believing what is unbelievable.
  • Commit yourself to the feeling of the wish already fulfilled.
  • There can be no outer change until it is first in your imagination.
  • Imagine you are already what you want to be and feel the way you expect to feel.
  • Live as if the wish had come true, even though it is yet to come.
  • Imagine things as they ought to be, rather than what they seem to be.
  • Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, and then believe it to be true.
  • We must focus our attention on the invisible until it has the feeling of reality.
  • Faith is feeling. “According to your faith (feeling) so it be done unto you.”

I saw my “faith in action” about 40 years ago when my husband and I applied for a VA loan to purchase a home for our family of five. When we applied for the loan, they told us, “It’s unlikely you will be eligible for a mortgage with all your money tied up in your new business.”  We were very verbal about our faith with our real estate agent. She tried to be positive, but it was obvious she had her doubts. She called one day and said, “Are you sure you want to give your notice at the townhouse before you know if loan is approved? What if this house falls through, what will you do?” I said, “Thank you for your concern. I know it doesn’t look good on paper, but my husband and I are certain it’s God’s will and it will go through.”

We stepped out in faith and gave our notice at the townhouse. We started packing boxes, acting “as if” all was well and we were moving. The boxes were packed high in the living room and dining room as we waited to be approved.

I received a phone call 2 weeks before closing date. Our agent said, “I’m so sorry but I just got a phone call from the manager of the bank. Your mortgage wasn’t approved.”

I blurted out, “Is there anything we can do? Would you please give me the manager’s name and phone number? My husband can call and explain our situation.” She said, “I’m not supposed to do this, I could get fired, but here it is.”

I called my friends immediately and we prayed and asked God for a miracle. My husband called and spoke with the manager at the bank and asked if there may have been a mistake. The manager was abrupt and wanted to know how he got his number. He said, “I will check it out and call you back.” More prayers and visualizing him approving loan.

The manager called back a few hours later and said, “I completely agree with this disposition and the reason it was denied.” The he asked my husband, “What makes you think your new business is going to succeed?” My husband has no idea what he said to change manager’s mind. To his surprise and delight the manager replied, “Okay, I will approve it.” Divine intervention and God was true to His word. We did our part (faith and trust) and God did the rest.

We called the real estate agent and told her the news. She said, “Wow, you must know someone upstairs. I have a stack of mortgages here in front of me that didn’t qualify and they were much better than yours.”

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