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For the past year, I have been working with Cindy Kerr, the Health Diviner at www.thehealthdiviner.com (intuitive healer) for my healing and health issues. With her guidance and wisdom and my willingness to do what I needed to do, my symptoms have improved significantly and I have more energy to enjoy my life. Cindy Kerr is the “real deal” and is extremely knowledgeable, generous and kind.

For the past month or so, we have been concerned about our little dog Kobi as he has been exhibiting strange behaviors. When he was re-homed to us 7 months ago, he appeared calm and healthy. We had very little information about him from his previous owner.

Even though he was a “senior” dog (11 years old) we fell in love with him as soon as we laid eyes on him. He was a perfect size, cute and friendly. He loves to sit with Larry and me and always wants to be with us.

We were quite surprised when he became “aggressive” with a man who tried to pet him while we were sitting outside at a coffee shop. His past owner told us he was partial to women so we wondered if he had some abuse with a male in the past. We were very careful whenever a male was around because we weren’t sure what he would do. He’s a small dog and we thought he was being protective.  

Larry takes Kobi for his morning walk and was surprised when he started barking and became aggressive with other dogs (without being provoked) walking with their owners on the other side of the street.  

We became very concerned when Kobi started to shake for no reason and get startled without any provocation. He would be sleeping on the couch and all of a sudden jump off and run away. We had no idea what was going on and wondered if he was having some kind of seizures. We had an appointment with the vet in a few weeks so we were waiting for the visit.

In the meantime, I contacted Cindy and asked if she would do an energy check on Kobi since everything is energy. She reads the quantum energy fields of her clients to determine what’s really underlying the issues that are presenting physically. Her website says “Our furry friends are empathic which means they feel and often take on vibrations from their owners out of love, loyalty, concern, and care. This somatically expresses in their bodies – just like in human bodies – as physical illnesses. I had no idea that Cindy worked with animals until after I contacted her about Kobi and checked her website.

Cindy checked in and saw that Kobi was carrying his past owner’s energy and that was why he was exhibiting the above aggressive and fearful behaviors. She identified the specific energies he was carrying and guided me to do an energetic cleanse on Kobi. It sounds crazy, but I believed in her and was desperate to help our little Kobi.

It’s been over 2 weeks now and Kobi is a new dog. I noticed the changes in him immediately. He doesn’t jump off the couch startled and afraid anymore. I have been taking him for walks since Larry fell and wasn’t sure how he would be when another dog approached. I am thrilled that he hasn’t been aggressive and doesn’t bark when another dog passes.

He’s also been in the company of men and is not aggressive. In fact, he licked the hand of a man who previously he stayed away from.

We are grateful to Cindy for her gifts and this energetic clearing for Kobi. If Kobi could talk, he would say “Thank you, Cindy. I feel so much better not to be so afraid and aggressive.”

If you or your furry animal are having health or behavioral issues and want to get to the bottom of things, I encourage you to check out Cindy’s website. www.thehealthdiviner.com

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