Larry fell this week

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Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who read my blog every week. Even though the past year hasn’t been easy for many people, there is so much to be grateful for. Just to be alive in this time of the Great Awakening is such a blessing and privilege. It is a time to trust, surrender and accept “What is” knowing that everything is coming to the light and the truth will prevail.  

Here is a quote I saw recently. “The world is waking up from a DEEP SLEEP into a NEW reality where LOVE, COMPASSION, and RESPECT for all life take center stage.”

When I wake up every morning and before I get out of bed, I say “Thank You God for another day to be alive.” I have a daily prayer ritual where I open my heart to receive love and then I send the love out to family and friends, especially to those who are suffering and have asked for prayers.

It was profound what happened this past Tuesday. When I prayed for Larry, instead of just sending him love like I always do, I was led to pray for his safety and for the angels to protect him. I didn’t have any idea why I prayed that until later in the morning when Larry returned from his morning walk with Kobi.

Larry takes Kobi for his walk before the sun comes up because he has skin cancer and needs to stay out of the sun. He was walking in the middle of the street when Kobi turned around and started barking. There was a woman with her big barking dog approaching them in the dark from behind. Larry has encountered this dog on several occasions and keeps Kobi away from him.

As Larry turned around to see what was going on behind him, he fell down and cut his arm and was bleeding. He had great difficulty getting up, but by the grace of God, he managed to pull himself up before getting hit by an oncoming car. He hobbled over to the brick wall nearby to steady himself because his leg was in so much pain and he couldn’t walk.

He called me 3 times to come and pick him up, but unfortunately, my phone had the do not disturb on until 7 a.m. I know the angels heard my prayer that I had prayed earlier for his safety and protection. The miracle is that he was able to walk home ¼ of a mile VERY SLOWLY and up a slight hill.

I was shocked when he came home and saw how difficult it was for him to walk and the gash on his arm. It was really scary to see how much pain he was in and to not know what damage he did to his leg. He didn’t want to go to the ER so I cleaned his arm and helped him get settled with ice and arnica. I broke my arm a year ½ ago and he lovingly took care of me. Now it was my turn to serve and lovingly take care of him. He iced and rested his leg for the next few days.

I immediately prayed and we both felt GRATEFUL that he made it home and was safe and protected. God had heard my prayer. We were grateful that he didn’t need stitches in his arm and that we didn’t have to go to the emergency room. We were grateful that it didn’t appear that he broke anything. We were grateful that Kobi wasn’t attacked by the other dog.

I called in my “prayer team” of family and friends and asked for prayers and support. I felt the love and support immediately like a warm blanket wrapped around me.

Friends called and texted and asked what we needed and how they could help. One of Larry’s sons sent us a gift certificate for a restaurant. Another friend sent us a salve that she makes for swelling and injuries. My daughter sent us an herbal remedy to help with the muscles.

I have learned that being vulnerable and asking for help is a gift I give to myself and a gift I give to others because it gives them the opportunity to love and be of service. It’s a win-win.

It was a traumatizing time for all of us. Kobi is sensitive to energy and was anxious for a few days after. With all the love and prayers, Larry continues to make progress every day. He’s not back out taking his daily walks with Kobi yet, but it won’t be long before he’s back on the road again.

Thank you, Spirit, for hearing my early morning prayer for safety and for the angels to protect Larry. Thank you, friends and family, for reaching out and loving us. Love is all there is and we are all connected.  

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