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It is the season of GIVING. Scripture says, “There is more joy in giving than in receiving.” I love to give small gifts and see the appreciation on people’s faces when they receive a gift that was unexpected. I also enjoy receiving and have learned to not only receive gifts, but more importantly to open my heart to receive love, kindness and support from others. There are many reasons why it’s difficult for people to receive, one of them being that they feel undeserving.

Since moving to Maui 5 years ago, I have encountered many “Maui Angels” who have loved and supported me and invited me into their homes when I had no place to live when I was in between ohanas. Some people I had just met and was so taken aback by their love, generosity and kindness. It is a humbling experience and not always easy to receive from people you don’t know that well, especially when you feel so vulnerable and needy.

I have learned to receive through these many experiences and, consequently, I look for opportunities to GIVE LOVE, especially if I hear someone is in need of temporary housing. This is the opportunity Spirit presented to Larry and I that I would like to share with you.

About 6 months ago, my friend, Kerri, called asking for prayers for her close friend, Cindy, who had been diagnosed with Guillian Barre Syndrome (after the flu a couple of weeks earlier) that left her paralyzed and she couldn’t speak well. Cindy was in the hospital in Oahu in the ICU and Cardiac Unit. Her family was on the mainland and she was all alone. The doctors were not optimistic and said it would take 1-3 years before complete recovery.

I couldn’t imagine what that experience must have been like for Cindy and my heart went out to her. Kerry invited me to a prayer vigil with another friend who knew Cindy. I sent Cindy a card and immediately started to pray for her recovery. I prayed for her daily for months, along with many others from around the world.

I invited Kerry to my home this week to share with friends her experience as a Harmonium practitioner (Body, Mind & Spirit Healing System.) I was thrilled and surprised when Kerry told me that Cindy was recovering and coming with her. Here it was only 6 months since she was diagnosed and she was walking on her own and speaking. It truly was miraculous and the power of prayer in action.

Cindy knew that I had been praying for her and was so grateful when we finally met and hugged one another. I felt like I knew her, although I had never met her-only energetically. We are all connected and ONE.

I sat next to Cindy during Kerry’s presentation and we chatted a little. She said (as her face lit up), “After such a traumatic experience, there are so many gifts from it.” I wanted to get to know her and hear about all that Spirit had done in her life. She said, “While I was alone in the hospital bed, I looked up at the ceiling and asked God to help me RECEIVE. I felt the LOVE POWER coming through the tiles and I knew people were praying for me. It was an incredible experience.”

Cindy said, “I am house-sitting for a few weeks and need a place to live at the end of the month until my ohana (which she sublet while in the hospital) is ready at the beginning of January. I heard the still, small voice of God say, “You could invite her to stay here.” I didn’t say anything to her because I wanted to talk to Larry first. The next morning I shared Cindy’s story with Larry and he said, “Yes, of course she can stay with us.”

I called Kerry to discuss it with her first since I really didn’t know Cindy. She said, “I will be seeing Cindy this afternoon and will discuss the possibility of her staying with you. Kerry called that night and said, “Cindy is so grateful and thrilled that she can stay with you and Larry.” I called Cindy to confirm and here is what she said happened that morning before she spoke to Kerry about staying with us. It appears Spirit was getting her ready as she opened herself to RECEIVE even more good into her life.

Cindy’s experience:

My recent experience with RECEIVING has skyrocketed after a wonderful experience at Pat’s home last night. I felt a calm sense of openness being in the presence of such love-filled inquisitive women. Pat and I had talked about receiving and when I woke up the next morning, I was filled with excitement about expanding my capacity to receive. For a couple of hours, I wrote my thoughts and feelings from sadness to laughter about how I learned to protect myself because of things that happened to me in my childhood. I truly get the importance of letting go of those experiences to allow space to allow more goodness to flow. Once the flow starts, it’s only upwards from there!”

Giving and receiving go hand in hand. When we do one without the other (giving and not receiving or receiving and not giving) there will be an imbalance and we will be out of alignment with Spirit. I see this experience of opening our home and hearts as an opportunity to GIVE and for Cindy it is the opportunity to RECEIVE. A win-win for all of us and I have a feeling we will also RECEIVE a lot.


I’ve been trying to be conscious of living in the moment and accepting whatever comes along. While trying to do that last week, I had an interesting experience of RECEIVING that I would like to share with you. 

I have mentioned before that I have a ongoing battle with skin cancer.  I had my six month checkup last week with my dermatologist and as usual they discovered some pre-cancerous cells and removed them. Doctor also found some basil cell cancer which he biopsied and removed.  

For about a year I have been using a prescription cream (zyclara) on my face which attacks pre-cancerous cells before they can become actual cancer and it has been very effective. The price of the prescription was $75.00 and it is not covered by my insurance.

The day after my doctors visit I went on line to order my prescription and found that I could no longer purchase it for $75.00. The company had gone out of business and the best price I could find was $1000.00.  

This development left me in an interesting situation and I had a decision to make. Would I continue to use the zyclara at $1000.00 a clip (which I cannot afford do to for the rest of my life because I will soon exhaust my savings and my livelihood will be threatened) or do I stop using the prescription and just depend on my regular visits to my doctor and hope he will be able to find the cancers and handle them with surgery, which my insurance covers.

I said to myself, “Live in the moment and accept, accept, accept.” The next evening around 8:00 pm. I received a call from my doctor informing me that the biopsy was indeed basil cell cancer, but he had removed all of it with the biopsy procedure.  I had the opportunity to tell him about the cost change in the Zyclara.  He is very happy with the results I am having with the medicine and didn’t want me to stop using it.  When I informed him that it was to expensive for me to use, he offered to give me a years supply at no cost to me.

WOW! I was blown away! What a beautiful example of his generosity and caring and an early Christmas present for me.  I am thrilled knowing that I have a doctor that really cares and is willing to go the extra mile for his patients.

I’m sorry that it has taken me so long to learn to “accept” and not resist,  to stay open to the energy of love and trust that miracles can happen. 

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