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Do you believe that people, places and things show up at the perfect and right timing when you let go and let God?  I do.

As I crossed over the Newport Bridge in RI for a “girl’s night out” with my friend Donna, I asked God for a “story.” I love to tell stories of how God shows up in my life!  This is what happened.  Last week, I attended a workshop at a Holistic fair, with a psychic who had a strong connection with animals.  She passed out animal cards during the workshop and I chose Ladybug.”  This was a very positive card of good luck and its message was to be open to abundance coming into your life.  I asked this woman “Should I try to find something with a ladybug on it as a reminder of abundance coming into my life?” She replied, “No, the animal will show up and find you.” I thought, “Yea right, it’s the winter, where am I going to see a ladybug?” For a couple of days, I looked for ladybugs on magazines, cards, etc.  No luck. And then, I let it go and trusted it would show up at the perfect and right time.

As we walked around Newport that afternoon, my friend wanted to buy a birthday card so we stopped in a little gift store. I browsed around the store kind of aimlessly waiting for her to finish. I was led to a small revolving rack of cigarette lighters (I don’t smoke!)  As it turned around, my eyes spotted the little red ladybug on the right hand corner of the lighter. Was I seeing things -a ladybug on a lighter?  I called Donna over to confirm, “Is that really a ladybug?” I asked.  Yes, it surely was a ladybug.  When the clerk came over to tell me the price, I told her my ladybug story and asked, “Do you have anything else in the store with a ladybug on it?” She thought for a moment and then said, “Yes, I think we have an angel with a ladybug on it.” I followed behind her with anticipation and excitement. I couldn’t believe my eyes when she handed me the small ladybug pin with a halo and angel wings.

Not only did the ladybug show up and find me, but my friend Donna insisted on buying it for me. My angel ladybug is on my altar where I pray daily. It is a strong reminder that God’s abundance is mine now, especially when I “allow” things to happen and not try to make things happen. When I let go of control and let God, my life flows with peace, ease and grace and miracles find me.

Everything you need will show up at the perfect and right timing when you believe and let go and let God.

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