“Let Miracles Find You”

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“It is our life that must be our practice. It is not enough to hear spiritual truth or even to have our own spiritual insights. Every aspect of what happens to us must become part of a learning experience.” Diane Mariechild

As I prayed this week in gratitude for all that I have received, I picked an angel card that read: “Your life is a direct reflection of the Divine Presence. Commit your full attention toward the living of your spirituality because this is your means of service.” Writing this weekly blog and authentically sharing “all of my life” with you, is a large part of how I live my spirituality and choose to be of service. Thank you for being a part of my sacred journey and allowing me to be a part of yours.

Another way that I live my spirituality is by being willing to do the inner work when “opportunities” come my way. I call them opportunities because I believe they manifest for my growth and highest good. I know that Mother Maui continues to invite me to look deeply at “my stuff” so that I can be a pure instrument and channel for God. I want to be the best I can be, so I say, “Bring-it-on (but gently, please!)” I decided to share with you some of my experiences this week and how I used the tools of acceptance and forgiveness to keep my peace of mind.

It is my belief that I attract everything into my life for my highest good. This means that I take responsibility for my part and stop blaming and judging others when I “perceive” they have wronged me. When I blame or judge another, I take on the victim role. That is not where I choose to live my life any more. It doesn’t feel good to be a victim because I lose my serenity and peace, which is extremely important to me. When someone upsets me or something happens that I don’t like, I don’t waste any time, but immediately go within to see what my part was in creating this, and what I need to learn for my highest good and growth. Part of this process also means not taking things too personally.

You’ve probably heard the expression “If you spot it, you got it!” That means that whatever I see in another, (whether it be positive or negative), is just a reflection of what is inside of me. I love it when I meet someone and when we connect – he or she reflects back a part of me that is loving and beautiful. I am not so thrilled when I spot something that I perceive to be negative in someone, because I have to accept that it is also a part of me, which I have not accepted and loved yet. At first, I want to deny that could possibly be inside of me. But, I know the truth and I want to grow and be whole, and as the Bible says, “the truth will set you free.”

I “spotted” a few things about myself this week that I needed to love and accept, and I knew it was time to use the techniques I learned a few years ago, when I read a book called “Radical Forgiveness” by Colin Tipping. Radical forgiveness is easy, yet profound, and it takes commitment and faith to practice it in all of my affairs. Over the years, I have practiced it with small annoyances, as well as big things that have come into my life, and it also works great dealing with family members.

Here is how Radical Forgiveness works. Whenever I think I have been wronged, judged, talked down to, or rejected, I first allow myself to feel all of my feelings, especially the anger. It works best for me when I write my feelings down in a journal (and I hold nothing back) and then I tear it up. After I have written my feelings down about the “perceived” wrong,  I move on to the next step, which is to say, “I attracted this into my life for my highest good and _______ (insert the name of the person you are upset with) is not wrong and I am not right.”

This is the hard part because I often want to blame the other person and say what he or she did was wrong! I may have to repeat this phrase several times before I finally free myself from that desire to be right. Since peace is very important to me, I am willing to let go of making someone else wrong in order for me to be right. I also don’t need to know why I attracted the situation into my life or to judge myself for creating it, I just have to trust that it is for my highest good and God will reveal to me what it is I need to learn from it.

In addition to using the tool of radical forgiveness this week, I also practiced acceptance. It says in the Big Book of AA (paraphrased) “Acceptance is the answer to all of my problems. If I cannot accept everything exactly as it is, I will not have peace.”

Living on a tropical island has some things that I’m not crazy about – like critters! I found tiny ants on my kitchen counters that I went after with a vengeance and wanted them gone! Then I heard God say, “what about accepting them.” “Really, God, you want me to accept them?” I asked. “Yes,” I heard in reply, ” Remember, acceptance is the answer to all of your problems.” My attitude has changed and when I see them, I calmly get rid of them. Perhaps it is my imagination… but they seem to have gone away or maybe it’s the ant traps?

I have found that if I am able to practice radical forgiveness and acceptance, I feel lighter and can often find the humor in the situation, which I couldn’t perceive before.  I find that when I find the humor in things it enables me to get back into the flow and restore my peace.  Thankfully, I also had an opportunity to laugh hilariously this week. I had invited my friends Marlowe and Joseph to lunch, and while they were here, they put up my curtain rods that needed to be drilled. After they had finished, I asked them if they could also take a look at my VCR player, which wasn’t working.

A couple of weeks ago, I had been given the VCR for free at a yard sale, because the man said, “This was given to me and I don’t know if it works so you can have it for free.” I went to Radio Shack and bought the cable for it, and tried to set it up myself. Nothing came on the screen and I figured that was why I got it for free. When my friend Joseph pulled out the TV, he discovered that I hadn’t lined up the cables properly. Yeah! It looked like the VCR was going to work after all.  Then I explained to them that there was a DVD in there and I had no idea what it was….

When Joseph pushed the start button, all of a sudden on the screen there were 2 women with huge boobs. We all screamed and laughed hysterically we were in such shock. Of course, we turned it off immediately. I have lost my status as “Angel Sparking Star” and now they are calling me “Angel Porn Star.” How quickly I fell from grace!

So all in all, this has been a great week of learning, growing, listening to music, accepting new parts of myself and having fun. It has also been a week of receiving interesting messages and this one came to me while I was listening to a spiritual CD on ITunes.  All of a sudden, while listening to the spiritual CD, my first radio show (from 2 years ago) called “Let Miracles Find You” began to play. I was interviewing my dear friend Linda Pestana, author of “Voices of the Heart.” I think the message for me and all of us is to “RELAX, ALLOW, TRUST, RECEIVE and “LET MIRACLES FIND ME.”


Heart Steps, Julia Cameron pg. 83

I lead my life in partnership with the Universe. In all situations I have choices and options, which lead me to freedom and expansion. In every time of darkness or difficulty I affirm there is a doorway, which will open if I knock. I am never separated from the power of God. There is nothing which stands between me and God. I am within God and God is within me. We are one substance, one energy, one Life.



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