Life is always working out for me

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Life has a way of getting our attention, doesn’t it? One day we are flying high or riding the wave and everything is going smoothly and the next day, we are struggling with a loss or something we can’t control. And then the next day, we are good to go again and aligned with Spirit. This week I’ve had a few days of feeling deep sadness and loss.

I like to practice going with the flow and accepting “what is.” It’s not easy to go with the flow when there is change in our life and we aren’t happy about it.

When I’m in pain and struggling, it’s a choice and a decision to trust Spirit and the process and to know that everything is happening for my highest good. I read something recently suggesting we embrace and trust our suffering and what is breaking down until you have a breakthrough.

Change is inevitable and sometimes painful and sometimes exhilarating. We are always changing and the people we love are always changing. I have learned that all I can change is myself. It’s not my job or responsibility to fix or try to change anyone else. It is my belief that everyone is doing the best they can, including myself.

I will not do a spiritual bypass anymore and pretend that I’m fine when I’m not. I did that for many years putting on a happy face when inside I was dying and often didn’t even know it. I didn’t trust myself or others enough to be honest and real.  Deep down, I was afraid that they wouldn’t love me if I shared what I was experiencing.

I must be vulnerable and honest and ask for help when I need it when I’m struggling. I may or may not get what I want, but at least I have asked and oftentimes. I get exactly what I need.

It often takes time to move through the grief process when there is a “perceived” loss or a real loss and something has changed that we’re not happy with. For example, your spouse leaves you and your heart hurts, or you lose a loved one, or you lose your job. The list could go on and one and whether it’s a big loss or a small one it doesn’t matter when you hurt inside.

I know that acceptance is always the answer; but in order to get there I must allow myself time to go through the grief process which may include feelings of sadness, disappointment, anger or depression.  I have learned that feelings are not right or wrong and to give myself permission to feel whatever I’m feeling.

I must allow myself to feel whatever I’m feeling for as long as I need to and not push myself to go faster. It may take a day or a month or a year to work through something. During the grief process, it is important to love and be compassionate with myself, knowing that everything I need is inside of me.

Are you able to love yourself and give yourself what you need when things around you have changed and you are feeling sad or depressed?

I encourage you to trust yourself, Spirit and the process and to know you are loved and that whatever is happening is for your highest good and that you are loved.

Life Will Always Be Working Out for Me. . .

I like understanding that things are always evolving, and while there are many things that could be better where I am, it is not really a problem because “where I am” is constantly changing to something better. I like knowing that as I look for the best things around me where I am, those things become more prevalent in my experience.

It is fun to know that things are always working out for me, and as I watch for the evidence of that . . . I see more evidence of that every day.  Abraham






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