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I asked myself this question, “What does it mean to live my life by Divine Design rather than by default?”

My life is exciting, expansive, loving, flowing, and peaceful when I live it according to a Divine Design. I practice letting my light shine and not allowing others to dull my sparkle. I experience synchronicities, love, miracles, and opportunities almost daily. Are you living your life by Divine Design or by default?

LIVING BY Divine Design MEANS:

  • Going within and ASKING Spirit for guidance and direction in all areas of my life
  • WAITING and ALLOWING for divine timing, rather than pushing my way
  • TRUSTING the divine plan and not giving up on my dreams
  • Living with an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE
  • EXPANSION and moving beyond my comfort zone and doing what I’m afraid of
  • KNOWING God’s plan is bigger and better than I could have ever imagined
  • Living in the PRESENT MOMENT and not in the past or the future


  • Going along with things and not intentional about what you want to do, or be
  • Staying “stuck in the muck” because of fear and not believing in yourself
  • Ego is running the show and you believe the lies of separation and duality
  • Feeling out of control like things were happening to you and not sure why
  • You couldn’t move forward with things you wanted to do and achieve
  • PASSIVELY accepting things and how they show up
  • Feeling like a victim of circumstances, rather than the hero of your own story                                      
  • HOPING things will change rather than taking action or responsibility

Before I became “conscious” and began my spiritual journey, I didn’t have a clue how to live a life of Divine Design. I was impatient, controlling, impulsive, insecure, inadequate, manipulative, and wanted what I wanted when I wanted it. I didn’t want to WAIT and pushed myself to make things happen, which is masculine energy. I often felt like a victim and that things were happening to me, rather than for me.

This is how I practice living a life of Divine Design. I don’t do it perfectly, but I “show up” every day to be my highest and best self through setting intentions, affirmations, choosing love, and allowing things to unfold according to a divine plan.

  • I set my daily intentions as to what I want to feel, to do, and be.

My intention is to love, to be peaceful, to serve, to be healthy, happy, and be a vessel of love.

  • I smile and say my affirmation in front of the mirror.

“I am worthy and deserving to enjoy this amazing life on Maui until I die that I have co-created with God. It flows with love, peace, joy, happiness, service, abundance, freedom, and radiant health.”

  • I choose to trust that all is well and whatever is happening is for my highest good
  • I choose to live my life consciously and on purpose
  • I follow my heart and listen to my intuition, rather than living from my head
  • I remember the truth of who I am, as I come home to myself as LOVE
  • I remember life is not happening to me, but happening for me
  • I VISUALIZE the desires of my heart as if they have already happened
  • I get clear on what I WANT that excites and scares me at the same time

It’s important to know what we WANT if we want the Universe to work on our behalf. Years ago, I had an intention book that I visualized with every day. One of my intentions was to meet my soulmate and get married. A few months later, I changed my mind about getting married again and crossed it out. If I didn’t know what I truly wanted, how could God answer my prayer? I obviously changed it back to wanting to meet my soulmate and get married. I wonder why it took 15 years for me to meet Larry and fall in love. I kept changing my mind because I didn’t know what I really wanted. Can you relate?

The same thing happened with writing my book, “Simply a Woman of Faith.” It took me 7 years to write my book because I didn’t believe in myself and I was riddled with fear. One day I said YES to writing it and the next week I said to God, “I’m not doing it, you have chosen the wrong person.” I put my writing down for one year. I’m grateful God was patient and didn’t give up on me. I wouldn’t be living on Maui and married to my soulmate if I hadn’t written my book and got clear on what I wanted.

I shared last week we will be featured on the front cover of a local magazine here on Maui. My friend recently asked me, “What do you want and what would you love to happen after the magazine article was published?” I had to think about what I really wanted.

Of course, I would be thrilled to serve and share my gifts with new clients who want to go deeper and experience love and peace in their relationships. I would like people to read our book, “It’s Never Too Late for Love.” I would love it if a national magazine picked up our story and more people were served. I would love to be invited to write for a spiritual magazine.

More than anything else, I truly WANT to inspire others to never give up on finding true love and how to connect with the God within. I was given an affirmation many years ago when I was riddled with fear.

I am a star that shines brightly to lead others to the God, Love within.”

I encourage you to get clear on what you want if you want Spirit to work on your behalf. I encourage you to live your life by Divine Design rather than default.

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