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I received a special gift from Spirit today that touched my heart and affirmed that how I have been loving myself and what I have been doing for my health this past month is paying off.

As I waited for my friend, Kati, to pay for her purchases at the farmer’s market this morning, I smiled at a woman who was also waiting in line. She was very pretty and looked to be in her early forties.  She kept staring at me as if she knew me. I was surprised when she said, “You inspire me.”  I wondered if she read my blog because I had never seen her before. I was curious and finally said, “Why do I inspire you?” She smiled and said, “You are my future HEALTHY self. I want to look as healthy as you are when I am your age.” I was shocked and said, “Thank you, you are a gift to me today.” She said, “You are my gift today.”

I walked away stunned and when I turned around a minute later to see her, she was gone and nowhere in sight.  As I thought about the interaction and the impact it had on me later that day, I asked myself, “Could she have been an angel?”  I guess I will never know and it doesn’t really matter, does it? God used this woman to affirm that I am healthy NOW.

All I know for sure is that I am following my heart and Love is guiding me and giving me all that I need. I am proud of myself for jumping in so quickly to start the 21 day anti-inflammatory diet. My zest for life and energy are coming back and I feel great.

I finished the diet and am now in the process of introducing new foods into my diet to determine what foods cause inflammation. There is a whole protocol to follow as I listen to my body and what it wants and doesn’t want. It is very helpful that I am muscle testing all my foods before I eat them. It was a very constrictive diet: no dairy, wheat, sugar, eggs, etc.

If anybody had told me that I could follow this diet with just vegetables, fruits, turkey, chicken, fish and nuts, I would have told them they were crazy. But with the grace of God and Spirit’s help, I did it. I was willing to do whatever I needed to do to get and to stay healthy. A cancer scare and heart problems got my attention, for sure.

We went to dinner with our friends on Christmas Eve to a really nice restaurant. Of course, there were  all kinds of desserts that I loved. I wasn’t tempted and was the only one that didn’t indulge in dessert. Now that is a miracle for I love sweets.

I would like to share a book that Larry and I are reading that is having a profound effect on us. It is  called, “Love Is All There Is” by The Source. The author does not give his name. It was a revelation that was given to him in 2006 about the revelations of Love. He writes,

“I found the image of a vengeful, wrathful, punishing God in direct contradiction to a creator of a remarkable universe, so perfectly in balance. I found the idea of going to God with a list of things I wanted and then waiting to see if I have been good enough to get them reflective of Santa Claus, not a source of abundance. And I found the concept of fearing God to be impossible if I was to love the creator. Love and fear cannot coexist.”

It is a powerful book that is teaching me how to CHOOSE LOVE in everything and for everything because all there is Love. Everything else is our ego and has to do with separation. It is not possible for me to be separate from Love for Love is all there is. We are ONE with God and we are not separate.  I am Love and you are Love. It is a divine truth to recognize and remember.

When I choose love, instead of obsessing, comparing, complaining or feeling fearful, I am free to live in peace and joy and limitless divine possibilities. It is as simple as saying “I CHOOSE LOVE” and the peace and grace come.

For example: If I feel disappointed or discouraged, instead of giving it a story, I instead say “I CHOOSE LOVE.” If I feel jealous or am comparing myself to another, I stop the monkey mind, and instead say “I CHOOSE LOVE.  I also say, “Love, I give this to you. I want to see Love in this situation.”


“What if” we took a moment to imagine that we chose this life adventure because “LOVE” wanted us to experience itself as form. We were given the opportunity to choose to become love in form. The way to fulfill that requirement is by becoming vessels of love. As I contemplated this, I wondered what my life would look like and how my life would change if I honestly endeavored to be a vessel of love.

First of all, I would have to work at recognizing and confronting my ego. I would have to consciously believe that is why I chose to walk this journey to be a vessel of love. I would need to know that the more I love myself, the more I could love others.

As a vessel of love, I would have to stop making my life so busy and stressful.

As a vessel of love, I would have to learn how to forgive and love those who have hurt me.

As a vessel of love, I would have to stop thinking that I was unworthy to be a vessel of love and remember we are all worthy and have always been worthy. Worthiness is a non issue.

As a vessel of love, I would understand that love is like the sun which shines its light on everyone and everything and doesn’t discriminate.

As a vessel of love, I would be open to the energy and light of love and allow love to lead me.

As a vessel of love, I would trust love over fear and know that to love, I must let go of fear.

As a vessel of love, I would work at accepting and not judging others.

In this New Year wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all believed that our reason for walking this journey in form, is to become vessels of love.

What would you have to change and what would that look like for you?


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