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We are in the beginning stages of the biggest collective AWAKENING ever seen in the history of mankind. This is what we have been waiting for! It’s a scary time for many because we are living in the unknown and we don’t know the future or how bad it will get.  I have felt disoriented at times, as nothing is the same. What I do know is that we are all ONE and interconnected and interdependent more than ever before. I do know that Love is all there is.

I have to admit that I got “sucked in” to the swirling energy of fear all around me by reading everything about the Coronavirus a few weeks ago, which led to me feeling anxious and fearful. Then I judged myself and felt shame and guilt for having these feelings. I’m grateful it only lasted for a few days before I came back to LOVE. This is not how I wanted to react as a Woman of Faith in God. I had to look deeply at what my truth was and what was important to me. I am human and forgave myself for getting sucked into the energy of fear.

Here is the message I received from Spirit:

I am bringing my people together through this world health crisis. I am waking them up. There is no need to be afraid because it is LOVE that is behind this. The world is out of balance with greed and power. You know the truth of who I am and who you are. Hold fast-don’t give in to fear.  Yes, feel it and let it go as quickly as it came. Stay centered and rest in me and recalibrate as you need to. Pray for the world and know all is well as I am bringing love into hearts that don’t know me. This is my plan. Relax and pray for your brothers and sisters.”

We are all invited to trust in a Power greater than ourselves to keep us and our loved one’s protected and safe. There are many who are suffering now with loss of jobs, income and we are hearing of friends and family members already suffering with the Coronavirus. The ramifications are beyond my comprehension. We are self-quarantining as Larry and I are both at high risk and not taking any chances with our health.

Here are some things that I’m practicing so that I can be responsible for myself and keep myself centered and in peace. I don’t do it perfectly and am living one day at a time.

  • I’m remembering the truth of who I am and that I’m connected to Source
  • I’m sending love to my family, friends and to the world
  • I’m listening to my body and what it needs when it needs it
  • I’m resting when I’m tired and stressed
  • I’m listening to my feelings; processing and validating them
  • I’m eating healthy and going out in nature for walks
  • I’m reaching out to friends and family through calls and texts
  • I’m praying and meditating several times a day
  • I’m listening to calming, peaceful music with a candle burning
  • I’m going within and clearing any resentments from the past
  • I’m trying not to judge others and what they are doing or not doing
  • I’m trying not to take things personally
  • I’m calling on the angels
  • I’m feeling COMPASSION for people and what they are experiencing
  • I’m trusting myself and what I need to do for myself
  • I’m listening to my intuition and what my next inspired action will be
  • I’m protecting myself by limiting what I read in the news and media
  • I’m smiling at people on walks and sending love
  • I’m trusting and surrendering to the unknown
  • I’m reading inspirational books like “Love is All There Is”
  • I’m laughing to lighten things up
  • I’m tapping when I feel stressed (EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques)
  • I’m taking more baths to relax my body
  • I play zydeco music on my walks which makes me want to dance, and I do
  • I have a stash of homemade sugar-free chocolate

I hope this list is helpful and you can add to your list of what you are doing to stay calm and peaceful. I am praying for you and ask that you pray for us. We are all in this together and need to support and love one another.

                                                   I AM CHOOSING LOVE

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