My break from organized religion was the beginning of my spirtual journey

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I am a “Prayer Warrior” and have been for many years. I believe in and have experienced the power of prayer many times in my life and the lives of others. My life is prayer in action. Unity author James Dillet Freeman wrote, “Prayer is a reaching, and every act of prayer stretches my soul.” I have been the “prayer” and the recipient of people praying for me.  I am comforted when I know someone is praying for me when I need it and feel a sense of comfort, protection and love.

When I am led to pray for someone or asked to pray for someone, it is always a privilege and honor to send love, light and healing.  We are all connected and I believe LOVE is all there is and all that is needed in this world.  When I am praying for someone, I visualize an invisible cord connecting my heart to their heart and I send them love.  I have 2 close friends that have been diagnosed with cancer and my heart is heavy. I believe that sending them love is the best thing that I can offer them.

Worrying and obsessing about a person I love not only lowers my vibration, but doesn’t help them either because worrying is an illusion and a waste of our time and energy.  My responsibility is to keep my vibration high living in the consciousness of love, joy and peace.  It is a decision to let go of fear and trust that God’s divine plan is perfect.

When I am praying for a loved one or a friend, I don’t always know what to pray for.  I am not God and don’t know what is God’s will for that person. I do know that God wants only our good in every situation. It is also my belief that we attract everything into our lives for our highest good – to grow our faith, deepen our relationship and dependence on God, experience a miracle, trust more deeply or experience love like we have never experienced it before.

It is not easy when something appears in our lives that rocks our worlds; like sickness, death, cancer, unemployment, divorce, etc.  At the time, I may find it difficult to believe it is for my highest good and that I attracted it into my life.  I may feel like a victim, feel sorry for myself or blame someone for what is happening.  I choose not to stay in this state of consciousness for long because I believe in God’s goodness and love. It is usually afterward that I realize all the good that came from what happened.

It is important that we allow ourselves to feel all of our feelings and not push them down or judge them because we think it is not “spiritual.” We need to allow ourselves time to grieve for as long as we need to so we will be able to surrender to “what is” and accept our circumstances.  That can take a week, or years or whatever is needed to move through it. We need to be gentle and patient with ourselves.

I have experienced all of the above at one time or another. My mother died when I was 20 years old and my daughter-in-law died at the age 37 from cancer leaving 2 young children and my son alone.  My ex-husband was out of work for a year and we had 4 small children to care for. God always provided and often in miraculous ways.  It was during those difficult times that I really learned to TRUST God for everything.  I encourage you to TRUST that whatever is happening in your life is a perfect divine unfolding that is leading you to the manifestation of your dreams.

When we trust deeply, we will experience many blessings. One of the greatest blessings I have received is the gift of PEACE. My intention every morning for the last 3 decades is to love, to be peaceful and to serve.  I recently added to be happy.  It is my hope that if I lost everything, but I have God’s peace and presence in my heart, I would know that I was rich.  It says in scripture “I have promised to keep you in perfect peace to the extent that you trust in me. ”

I asked myself, “How do I maintain my peace of mind?”

* I stay connected to the God within through my consciousness

* I pray about everything and ask for guidance

* I DETACH when I need to and let go of control and MY PLAN   (I Let Go and Let God)

* I am a detective with my thoughts to make sure they are aligned with Christ consciousness

* I SHOW UP and spend time each morning in prayer, meditation and reading spiritual books

* I ACCEPT “what is” and stop resisting whatever is showing up in my life


* I TRUST that God has my back and that I am loved, safe and protected

* I forgive myself and others when needed

* I know the TRUTH of who I am and where I came from


I believe there are as many ways to pray as there are human beings.  Prayer is a personal act, for me very private and difficult to write about.  I feel that we all have to find our own way to communicate with our God. 

I was brought up in a Roman Catholic environment where I was taught to say specific prayers for specific services of the church.  I was expected to follow the Ten Commandments, church laws, attend mass and confession regularly and I would get to a place called heaven when I died.  As I grew older, I started to have a lot of questions about life and my religion that I found I couldn’t answer. 

I started to take responsibility for my relationship with God, Spirit, Source or Universe. It doesn’t really make any difference what you call it.  I became aware that when praying in a structured religion, I was mostly asking for forgiveness and feeling like a failure for not being able to obey all the rules and laws I was expected to obey.  I was afraid that if I didn’t obey these rules I would be severely punished.

My break away from organized religion was the real beginning of my conscious spiritual journey. I became aware that I had to take responsibility for the relationship and growth of my spiritual experience. Over the years, my journey has taken me to many places from being very angry with God, to complete indifference, to gently and slowly coming to a place of faith, in a source that has created all things from the energy and light of love. 

I no longer pray from a place of failure and disappointment. I don’t petition the creator and my communication with my God is filled with hope and gratitude. I am always lifted up, never put down. I am encouraged and led to open my heart to the energy and light of love.  I’m encouraged to love myself and by doing that, I will become a better vessel of love to others. I know I am worthy even though I’m not perfect. It’s not about perfection. It’s about being open to the free, no strings attached gift of love.  I look forward to each day’s adventure. I am completely open to learn how to become more conscious of who I am, who Spirit is and who we are together. 

No matter how you pray or who you pray to, I hope your experience is positive and fulfilling, I hope it knocks down your walls of resistance, so you will be able to welcome the gift of love into your life with an open heart. 

Always With Love,

Larry and Pat


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