My brother transitioned last week

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As I took my walk the day before Thanksgiving, I reflected on my first trip to Maui on Thanksgiving 13 years ago, and my brother’s death 2 days earlier. I wondered how I could feel so much peace when my brother had just transitioned. I knew he was now at peace and not suffering anymore.  

What we think is a MISTAKE is often God’s way of redirecting and guiding us. Here is what happened the last time I saw my brother 15 years ago when I visited him in New Jersey. I really enjoyed seeing his family and spending time together. He dropped me off at the airport in Philadelphia and we said our goodbyes.

When I went to the counter to check in, the agent said, “Sorry, your flight is scheduled for tomorrow and we don’t have any flights available for today. You could check Southwest as they have many outgoing flights.”   

It is my belief that everything happens for a reason and for my highest good. I remember thanking God as I walked to the next terminal to see if I could get a flight out that day. I didn’t beat up on myself, which would have been so easy to do. You know like, “Why didn’t you check your ticket?”

Thankfully, I was able to get a flight on Southwest the same day. As I meandered through the airport, a young man in a small kiosk waved me over. Since I had several hours to kill and nothing to do, I walked over. He was offering a free round-trip ticket anywhere in the US if I signed up for a Southwest credit card. I signed up and off I went.

A few weeks later, after I finished giving my talk at the church, an elderly woman by the name of Ellen approached me and shared that she lived on Maui. I said, “It’s always been my dream to VISIT Maui. She said, “You can stay with me for as long as you want, and you can use my car.” It was a no-brainer when she pulled out the postcard of her condo overlooking the ocean. I had a free flight and a beautiful place to stay. It was the first time I left my children at Thanksgiving.

The rest is history. Two years later, I rented my condo in Rhode Island and moved to Maui for 6 months and lived with friends in a condo overlooking the ocean. In January it will be 11 years that I have been living on Maui. I followed my heart, stepped out in faith, and moved there knowing I would meet my soulmate. Larry and I were married 5 ½ years ago and live in a beautiful home overlooking the ocean. God is good.

I have shared in past blogs that my brother who was a Viet Nam veteran had been sober from alcohol and drugs for 30 years. About a year ago, he fell and hurt his leg and was prescribed narcotics.  He was off and running and became addicted to the pills. He fell again and broke his hip and couldn’t walk. He was in and out of the hospital for months. He wanted to die and wasn’t eating. It was difficult and sad being 5000 miles away and not able to see him. All I could do was PRAY and send him love, which I believe was the best thing I could do for him.  

Of course, his transition last week brought up many memories. It was a quiet week of processing my feelings and letting go. My children and close friends were very loving and supportive of me. I reached out to Facebook friends and asked for prayers. I was so touched and grateful for all the prayers and love I received, especially from those I didn’t even know. We truly are ONE and connected.

I’ve experienced my brother’s love and presence in many ways this past week. I love rainbows and have been comforted by them over the years when I really needed a touch from heaven.

My son, who lives in Boise Idaho, sent me a picture of a car’s license plate in front of him that said rainbows on it right after I called to tell him Jim had transitioned. There was a double rainbow covering the whole sky on Thanksgiving morning that was just breathtaking. I sensed it was a sign from above.

I believe our loved ones who have transitioned want to communicate with us and let us know they are safe, free, and happy. A couple of nights after Jim died, Larry and I were in the den watching TV when we heard music playing and thought it was from our neighbor’s house.  

When I went into the kitchen our Amazon dot was playing music. Neither Larry nor I had been in the kitchen and turned it on. Was my brother playing tricks and trying to get my attention? I want to believe it was him. I will remain open to signs that he’s home at last. Have you received signs from your loved ones?

There are no mistakes in God’s world. Everything happens for a reason. When we trust and walk in faith, miracles happen all the time.

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