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What would it feel like if you were living your dream life and got paid for doing what you love? Visualize yourself living your passion and feeling grateful for the life you have created.  All because you said, “Yes.” 

When I said “Yes” to the universe, let go of fear, trusted myself and the divine plan for my life, a whole new world opened up to me. I am living my dream life as an Author, Inspirational Speaker and Spiritual Coach. Sharing my faith stories of everyday miracles allows others to see that it can happen for them.  A miracle could range from finding what I need at yard sales to saving someone’s life who was about to commit suicide.  My passion is to help people connect with the God Power within and find the divine purpose for their lives. Each day I open myself up to new possibilities and allow miracles to find me. 

It wasn’t always like that.  I thought I had to control and make things happen. I didn’t know how to relax and allow things to come to me. That changed as I learned to let go, surrender and accept what is. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t change the feelings of not being good enough and deserving.  I needed to ask a Power greater than myself to heal and change me. I love “being in the flow” and not having to control everything in my life. 

Stepping into my power and living my dream life meant that I had to change the negative messages that plagued me all of my life. I had a choice to either live in faith or fear. I chose faith.  Plugging into the God Power within on a daily basis through prayer and meditation helped me take responsibility for myself. When I don’t plug in, it’s easy to forget who I am as a child of God and the abundance that is rightfully mine. 

In October 2008, I took a leap in faith and left my secure “good paying job” to start my own business doing what I love to do.  My son said to me after I gave my notice, “Mom, this is the worst time for you to leave your job with this economy.”  Smiling, I said, “I know, but that’s what God wants me to do.”  I prayed for a year for God’s will and through a series of synchronistic events, it became clear this was God’s plan for my life. 

Shortly after I gave my notice, I had what I call a “fear attack” and all the “what ifs”, doubts and insecurities came rushing into my consciousness. Fear gripped me in the pit of my stomach and almost paralyzed me. Thankfully, I knew what to do when fear gripped and I pulled out all the tools that I learned over the years. 

I’m grateful for the doors that have opened up since I left my job and started my business. I’ve been on TV twice and have had several interesting radio interviews. I’m excited to be leading a women’s retreat in Bermuda which has been a dream for 4 years. My spiritual coaching practice is growing and it seems like opportunities are coming my way as I have been invited to speak at conferences, a women’s club, a university, and as one of the speakers for the Inspiring Women Speaker Series. I have started a special program at the VA Hospital called “Tending To Your Spirit” for women employees and veterans. 

Saying “Yes” to God’s divine plan takes courage and faith. It takes believing in yourself and an expectant faith that what you need will show up when you need it. I am grateful each day for the gift of life and the opportunities and miracles that are finding me. I am a woman giving birth to myself.

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