“My flight back to Maui was cancelled for 5 days”

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For many years, it has been my belief that God guides us through open and closed doors. When I don’t know what’s best for me, I pray that God open or close the door. It always works- even though I may not like it at first!

I wasn’t expecting God to close the door in my face on Monday as I prepared to travel back home to Maui. I was all dressed and packed at 6 a.m. when I received a phone call from my friend, Ruth, who was already at the airport traveling to Maui. She said, “Pat, do you know the airport is closed due to weather conditions? I was able to get a flight out tomorrow.” I quickly opened my email and sure enough, my flight had been cancelled and was rescheduled for 5 days later. I thought I was seeing things because I had never heard of rescheduling a flight for 5 days later. I tried to call the airlines, but there were so many cancellations they weren’t answering the phones.

Everything that I have been teaching and practicing “kicked in” and I immediately went inside, surrendered to “what is” and prayed, “Okay, God, what do you want me to do?” I knew I had a choice. I could complain and moan or I could trust and thank God that I attracted this into my life for my highest good and there was a reason for the closed door. I chose to be grateful and trusted good would come from the closed door.

I called my best friend, Carole, and asked if I could stay at her house for a few days. She immediately said, “Yes.” I called another friend, Glenn, and left a message asking if he could drive me to Carole’s house that morning because I didn’t have a car. He called me back and said, “Yes, I have time this morning and I would be happy to drive you to Carole’s. What is interesting, Pat, is that last week when I looked at my schedule 3 or 4 times for the coming week, I knew I had this morning free and didn’t schedule anything in it.”

Glen picked me up a short time later and off we went to Carole’s house. On the way to Carole’s house, Glen asked if I would like to see his new home. Of course, I said, “Yes.” His beautiful honey colored cat greeted us at the door. I didn’t think much of it until he called her by name. Her name was “Honey.” My mother’s name was “Honey.”

My mother died on January 1st 48 years ago. There is a chapter in my book about my mother and how she “shows up” for me when I most need to feel her presence. Glenn looked at me, as the tears flowed down my cheeks, and we both knew “Honey” was “showing up” through his beautiful cat. My mother loved cats.

On New Year’s Day, I said to my daughter, Mary, “I wonder how my mother will “show up” for me today. A few hours later, I met my friend, Amy, at Starbucks and I ordered us both something to drink. As I was leaving the counter, the clerk handed me a small package of “Honey.” I gasped because I knew my mother was “showing up” for me. When we are open to signs from our loved ones who have passed on, they will show up.

Even though the weather outside was 1 degree when I arrived at Carole’s house, the warmth and love I received from Carole and her family was exactly what I needed. I was treated like a queen, my bath was drawn for me in the evening and coffee was served to me each morning as I prayed and meditated. I didn’t realize how exhausted I was because of all that I had processed the past 2 weeks and how I needed to rest and do nothing. Carole lives on a beautiful lake and just sitting and looking out the window every morning brought me deep peace. We get what we need, even when we don’t know we need it!

I had sent an email to the women who attended my retreat about my cancelled flight. Several of the women contacted me inviting me to stay with them. Since I didn’t have a car to get around, one of the women even offered to be my chauffer for the week. Again, I felt such love. My friend, Carrie Ann invited me to stay at her home a couple of days and then drive me to the airport at 5 a.m. on Saturday. Now that is love.

As I shared in the beginning, I knew in my spirit that there was a reason why my flight was cancelled for 5 days. I found out WHY the day before I was scheduled to leave when I ran into an old friend that I hadn’t seen in years. She opened up to me that she was at her lowest point and hadn’t shared her pain with anyone. She was feeling alone and quite distraught. I was able to listen and love her right where she was. I told her about my flight cancellation and that I knew the reason for it was that I could be there for her. It’s all good and it’s all God.

I thank God for all the love and healing I received while in Rhode Island. As I open my heart to receive, I am able to give more to others. Mother Maui welcomed me home with open arms. My friend, Karen, who stayed in my Ohana while I was in Rhode Island greeted me at the airport with a beautiful Lei and chicken soup and salad.

I am Open and Available to Receive my Good – Daily Word, January 10

An accident, a distressing diagnosis, a job loss (plane cancellation) – these are situations many of us would deem unfortunate or even disastrous. Yet, if we stay open and available to a good outcome, we find great blessings ready and waiting for us to receive. Today I am willing to see new possibilities unfold from seeming difficulty. In acceptance on my humanity, I allow myself to grieve any loss as I clear inner space to receive my good. I am restored as I open to God’s abundance. Life invites me to grow, and I am open and available to the manifestation of God’s abundant blessings at all times. As life unfolds, I look for the good in every experience.


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