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After much consideration, I decided that I would approach this differently. I had recently made the decision to have my piano tuned. It had been moved out of our house during renovations and back in after the completion. It needed a tuning before I could resume my music studies. I was unable to locate the piano tuner that I used in the past, and was attempting to make connections with a tuner that was recommended by the local music store to no avail. We were playing phone tag trying to find a time that would fit both schedules. This turned into weeks of missing each other. I finally reached a point of asking myself “what is it that I really want”? And my answer came  “I wanted the piano tuner that had previously done the tuning.” The problem was I didn’t even remember his name. So, I put a request out, “Universe please help me find this man.” I then let it go.  Two weeks later Richard called and began his conversation with “hello my name is Richard and I tuned your piano in the past.” I answered, “I have been waiting for your call.”

The second part of this story involves my piano teacher. My previous teacher was no longer teaching. Furthermore, I wanted to work with someone who taught not only technique, but also music theory. After searching the Internet, I found a teacher who lived two blocks from my home. I called the music studio and spoke with his wife. After explaining what I was interested in, she assured me that her husband would get back to me. A week passed and I did not hear from him. I then quickly made a decision to once again make a request, “Universe please bring the right teacher my way.” A few days later, I was speaking with a dear friend and in passing I said, “Do you know of any good piano teachers?” She did know of one and gave me his name and number.

My new teacher is a perfect fit. His method of teaching is everything I was looking for and more. Additionally, at my first visit, I noticed that he was using a Mac computer. “Oh”, I said, “a fellow Mac user.” He got all excited, “do you know Macs?” “Yes, it’s the type of computer I use when teaching my students.” His next question floored me, “would you like to exchange piano lessons for computer lessons?” So now, I have a perfectly tuned piano, the perfect music teacher, an opportunity to do what I love in exchange for lessons and a grateful heart. All is in perfect alignment and I am blessed.


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