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My husband and I are finally moving in the right direction financially, but we are really trying to be smart with our finances in order to “catch up.” My husband has driven a wreck of a car for the last 6 years because we just couldn’t afford a newer one. He’s been such a sport about it, to the point where he began to believe his car was fantastic! Suddenly, this week his car (which has had barely any trouble at all) was barely working.

Our original plan was to get him a new car at the end of summer or fall. I started thinking the time has come and we began the search, but he wasn’t able to find what he was looking for and he began getting disappointed. But he stayed faithful and pictured what he wanted in our driveway (what he wanted was way out of our price range.) I began getting concerned that now wasn’t the right time. Pat, I’ve heard you mention recently that you pray over what is concerning you so I put it into practice for myself. I prayed two consecutive days for God to point us in the right direction and show us the path that is right for us.

The next day exactly the car my husband was looking for came available and we negotiated a fantastic deal on it! He is picking it up tonight and he is so happy. He works SO hard so this is such a wonderful thing for him and for our family. I have spent all day today feeling so grateful. To most people, having two decent cars is just their necessity…to us it is such a luxury and we are over the top with excitement! Thank you for your inspiration to pray over my troubles.

Tricia Gillmore

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