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I had an amazing birthday week of RECEIVING love from family and friends; breakfast, lunch and dinners out. I received calls from friends, (as far as Bermuda) and received many cards and gifts. I opened my heart to receive love and indeed, I did. Larry and I went to dinner at Humuhumu restaurant and I felt like his queen when he put the beautiful flower lei over my head before we left. It was quite an experience that I will cherish and never forget.

If I couldn’t be on the ocean in a cruise ship for my birthday, I wanted to FLY over the ocean. Four years ago on my birthday, I went paragliding and wanted to do it again for my birthday this year. Paragliding 6,500 feet over the ocean was breathtaking and I felt free and like a bird flying in the sky. I was called a “student pilot” and the pilot sat behind me maneuvering the glider. After the pilot, Paul, strapped me all in, he gave me instructions on what to do. He said, “It is very important to RUN as fast as you can, don’t sit down or hold the bars until I tell you and we are up in the air.”  When we are ready to take off and the wind is just right, I’ll give you the ok.

I am grateful that two of the other instructors assisted and ran along the side of me to help me get off the ground when Paul gave us the ok. The only problem was that my feet wouldn’t touch the ground and I couldn’t RUN. I started to scream, “My feet don’t touch the ground.”  I was suspended in the air for a few seconds and had to sit. Before I knew it, we were flying over the side of the volcano and into the clouds over the ocean.

As I reflected on this experience afterwards, it felt like there were 2 angels on the side of me helping me get off the ground so I could fly.  Angels (although sometimes invisible) are always there to lift us up when we don’t think we can do it or when we are unable to do it like I was because my feet couldn’t touch the ground.

I not only wanted the paragliding to be a “fun” and empowering experience, but I also wanted it to be a spiritual one and to go higher and higher with God. While in prayer, I wrote out a list of things that I wanted to let go of that no longer served me and I wrote a list of what I wanted to receive. When I was ready to let it go, I put my arm out and released the paper into the air. It really felt liberating.

I also went parasailing a few days later with my friend, Margie, whose birthday was a day before mine. We truly were ONE with one another and ONE with God as we glided through the air into the clouds and sky. It was a magical, magnificent experience and I felt close to God and the angels. It was a perfect day as I experienced the peace and presence of God within.

I was literally “lifted up” above the earth so I could remember who I am and where I came from. I am LOVE and I am not separate from God. God and I are ONE and I am ONE with everyone and everything. This is my truth and knowing that there is only LOVE.

We are all being invited to awaken and “remember” who you are and that there is only love and that everything we need is within.  We no longer have to look outside of ourselves for external validation because we have enough self-love to give it to ourselves. At this time in our world, I believe we are being “shaken up to waken up.”

You don’t have to paraglide or parasail to fly higher with God. Let the angels help you. In order to fly higher, you must be willing to let go of what no longer serves you;  drama, complaining, worrying, fears, comparing, not enoughness, judgments, disappointments, ego, jealousy, expectations, unforgiveness and resentments.

God is all there is and it’s about letting go, surrendering and trusting God is in control and has a perfect plan for our lives, and when we ask for His help, He will lift us up above the battleground of this world to experience his loving peace and presence.


My sweet wife, Pat, loves to go on cruises and checks them out with hopes of going on another one.  She shared in a past blog that the travel agent, Dina, had called with a special deal that we said yes to. When we called back to book it, it was no longer the price we were quoted so we decided to wait for another special deal.

Last Friday, I received an excited phone call from Pat informing me that she had just heard from, Dina, the cruise consultant with the same great price cruise as the one from a few weeks ago. Pat was ready to book it and explained that the cruise was leaving on Saturday, October 7th and we would have to book immediately.

This left us with just a few days to adjust our schedules.  I would have had to adjust my commitments for those dates. I didn’t feel good about it and felt pushed and rushed. The thought of making these changes at this late date didn’t sit well with me as I don’t like making these decisions so quickly.

I reminded Pat that these specials come up all the time and perhaps we could wait for another one  when we would have a little more time to plan. I really didn’t want to disappoint Pat and it was difficult for me to explain my feelings. I wasn’t feeling positive or peaceful about it at all.

Pat was quiet and listened and then said, “I understand your perspective and don’t want to pressure or push you. I will call Dina and tell her we cannot go at this time.” A few minutes later Pat texted  me and said, “I am fine with not going and please don’t feel guilty.”  WOW.  I was very surprised and relieved! What an adult way to accept disappointment.  Pat was gracious about not going and didn’t push the issue.

The next morning when we processed what happened, Pat thanked me for speaking up and following my intuition. She realized that she also had commitments for the weekend that she would have had to cancel.

In past relationships, I would have suffered the consequences and felt guilty that I had let someone down that I loved and cared about. I think I would have been judged that I was being selfish and caring only about my feelings.

One of the wonderful pluses in my relationship with Pat is that we allow and encourage each other to honestly share our feelings, which enables us the freedom and space to make difficult decisions without repercussions. We trust each other that the decision made is for the good of the relationship. I feel very blessed.

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