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Energize Your Next Event with Pat Hastings and Her Dynamic Message that will Have Your Attendees’ Spirits Soaring

When Pat Hastings speaks, people sit up and take notice. They feel the love coming from her heart and they see the light that is all around her. She inspires and touches hearts by her stories and everyday miracles.

The energy, the spirituality and the raw beauty of her message will quickly cut to the core of your audience’s collective consciousness like few speakers can accomplish.

There’s electricity in the room when Pat takes the stage; a sense that there’s something bigger at work. The results transcend the walls of the meeting room and the memories will stay with your attendees for years.

Pat has been trained by Toastmasters International, and has been speaking to audiences large and small since 1999. She has prepared – and can tailor to fit your needs – several keynote speeches, with themes like:

  • Integrating Spirituality and Spiritual Principles into your Workplace and Home
  • Tending to Your Spirit: How Spirituality Can Transform Your Life and Work
  • 7 Miraculous Tips when Fear Grips
  • A Journey to Yourself: Moving from Fear to Faith
  • Believe in Yourself and Live in Spiritual Abundance
  • Listening to the Small, Still Voice of the Spirit Within
  • Relationships 101: How to Say No, Set Boundaries, and Stand in Your Power
  • Spiritual Resiliency: Awakening to the Love and Power Within
  • Thrive with Spirituality in Turbulent Times


Pat can speak at your next conference, workshop, church, retreat, business group meeting, women’s group meeting, or book club meeting. She can speak at your place of business, holistic center, chamber of commerce, church, hospital or library.

Here’s What People are Saying about Pat Hastings, Inspirational Speaker

“Pat inspires audiences with her stories and humor, and follows up with powerful exercises that help participants find their own answers within and deepen their relationship with God.” – Lisa Tener, Author, Writing Coach, and Editor

“Pat has a glow in her eyes that I know is God. Pat is like a magnet that people are drawn to and they keep coming back for more. You will enjoy her presence and spirit. You can feel Pat’s passion when she speaks about the Spirit within.” – Sandra Fontana, Nia Instructor

“Pat’s presentation was a story, her story, of struggle, love and endurance. Her quiet presence and strong confidence are unique blends that hold her audience’s interest and attention. Pat has a wonderful way of allowing everyone to learn from her experiences and grow with her. Thank you Pat for a rare evening of networking.” – Dale Donnelly, President, Rhode Island Women’s Network

“Pat is a dynamic inspirational speaker, storyteller and teacher. She shares her wisdom and wealth of life experiences with the world. She teaches others how they can draw close to God and make their dreams a reality. I have so much respect for Pat’s work that she could be the next Louise Hay.” – Reverend Ian Taylor, Pastor of Concordia Church

“You can feel Pat’s passion when she speaks about the God Power within. Her own relationship with God is palpable. She is inspiring and her message contagious. I was most impressed by her presence and the joy she exudes. I highly recommend Pat as a presenter and gifted spiritual teacher. She captivates her audience with her powerful stories of faith and answered prayer.” – Celeste Warner, Life Coach

“I invited Pat to my Marketing class at URI and the students raved about her. Pat’s style of speaking is genuine, sincere and captivated my student’s attention – the whole class. Pat has the ability to add spark and magic by sharing from a deep place of soul. She captivates her audience with her gentle, loving presence and spirit. She delivers her message with passion and enthusiasm drawing her audience in and wanting more of her inspiring stories. People not only remember her stories, but the messages the stories contain.” – Gail Alofnsin, Professor, URI

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