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June 13, 2010     630 WPRO

Amazing Women Radio Interview Part 1 [audio:AM61310p1.mp3] Download MP3

Amazing Women Radio Interview Part 2 [audio:AM61310p2.mp3] Download MP3

Pat’s Radio Show, “Let Miracles Find You”


Dreamvisions 7 Radio: LET MIRACLES FIND YOU

“Let Miracles Find You” is an inspirational show about everyday experiences of faith and answered prayer. Pat’s message and vision is to help women and men connect with the Spirit within, learn to love themselves and transform their lives. Pat and her guests will share their stories of how miracles found them and will invite you to share stories of Spirit working in your life. Each week listeners will receive invaluable tips to help them live in spiritual abundance.

If you are seeking to explore your spirituality, your limitless potential for Divine guidance and the mystery of synchronicity, please join Pat on this magnificent journey of faith, trust and hope. Go to for more information.



Pat ‘s 5th radio show with Linda Hogan & Charlie Bloom,  Listen to Pat’s March 27, 2010 Radio Show [audio:03-27-10.mp3] Download MP3

Pat ‘s 4th radio show with Linda Petana and Gloria Burgess Listen to Pat’s February 21, 2010 Radio Show [audio:02-21-10.mp3] Download MP3

[audio:01-17-10.mp3] Download MP3

Pat ‘s 3rd radio show with Terry Cole Whitaker Listen to Pat’s January 17, 2010 Radio Show

Pat’s 2nd radio show with David and Jayne Derouin Listen to Pat’s November 15, 2009 Radio Show [audio:11-15-09.mp3] Download MP3

Pat’s first radio show with Pete Wheeler Listen to Pat’s October 18, 2009 Radio Show [audio:10-18-09.mp3] Download MP3

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