Stepping out in Faith

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What does it mean to “step out in faith? I stepped out in faith and wrote my first book called, “Simply a Woman of Faith” 12 years ago. It took me 7 years to write it because I was paralyzed with fear and didn’t trust or believe in myself.

Stepping out in faith and writing a book meant taking a risk, getting out of my comfort zone, facing my fears, and following my heart when my head said, “IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE; Your crazy; play it safe; who do you think you are? Nobody will read it; you are wasting your time; I’m not a writer or smart enough. What will people think and what if it fails?”

I’m so grateful I listened to my heart and not my head and the ego voice of not being good enough or smart enough. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t stepped out in faith and trusted God was guiding me.

I have learned to trust myself and to trust the “still, small voice of God within.” It takes lots of practice to discern the ego voice from God’s voice.  As I look back over the years when I have stepped out in faith after hearing God’s voice I am amazed at the miracles and how my life was altered, sometimes dramatically. Here are a few examples.

IT DIDN’T MAKE SENSE for me to buy the blouse forty years ago when my ex-husband was out of work and we were on welfare. The blouse was $10 and I only had $10 in my pocketbook for milk and bread for our 4 children. But I heard the “still, small voice of God” say, “Buy it and I will provide.” I listened to that voice and bought the blouse, although it DIDN’T MAKE SENSE to buy myself a blouse when milk and bread were needed for my family.

One hour later when I returned home from buying the blouse, I found an envelope in the mail with a note that read, “From the son of a carpenter” and a crisp $10 bill.  I’m grateful for the person who heard Spirit tell them to write the note and give me the $10 bill. I’m sure IT DIDN’T MAKE SENSE to them either, but they followed Spirit and changed my life forever.

IT DIDN’T MAKE SENSE to move to Maui 10 years ago to follow my heart to meet my soulmate and to leave family, friends, community, and my business. I didn’t have a lot of money and sold everything of value to make the move.

IT DIDN’T MAKE SENSE that I didn’t have a place to live until 2 weeks before I arrived in Maui. I trusted I was being led and the place would “show up” and it did. I shared a condo with friends overlooking the ocean and paid $300 a month for 6 months.

When I moved to the other side of Maui a year later, IT DIDN’T MAKE SENSE that when I found my “dream house” overlooking the ocean, I stepped out in faith and followed my heart. I trusted that I would be provided for every month and I would be able to pay the rent which went from $1200 to $2500. 

It truly was the grace of God and my willingness to TRUST & SURRENDER to God’s plan and will. For one year, every month I rented one part of the house to different people before Larry and I became a couple and he moved in with me. I prayed EVERY STEP OF THE WAY and knew I was being guided. I waited for the answers and then stepped out in faith.

It is my practice to ask Spirit for guidance in all my decisions every day. I trust I am always guided and protected. I continue to take risks, face my fears, and step out in faith. When have you stepped out in faith and your life changed dramatically?

Is there an area of your life where you are being called to step out in faith or move in a new direction, but IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE?

If I hadn’t trusted myself and the God within, I would not be living my dream life. If I can do it, so can YOU. If not now, when?

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