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I KNOW better, but it sometimes happens anyway. The old behaviors and negative energies creep in ever so slowly when I’m not awake and plugged into my Power Source.  When I compare, I despair – simple as that. I judge myself to be not good enough and not doing enough.  Fear and panic set in and I lose my peace.

This recently happened to me when I compared myself with a friend and the work she was doing.  That old belief that I have to push myself, work harder and make things happen reared its ugly head. I knew I was in trouble when I saw it escalating and started to feel overwhelmed. I sat in front of my computer, put my hands on my face and prayed the serenity prayer and asked for help.  The prayer worked and within a few minutes, I was back to my center and the truth of who I am as a child of God – a magnificent, radiant being who has gifts to share with the world.

Instead of rushing around “doing” more in an effort to achieve my goals, I want to experience more of this feminine energy and allow it to permeate my life, which requires “being” and allowing myself to receive what I need in the moment and trusting that is enough. Whenever I do that, it feels good and I am more peaceful and balanced. I am learning to go within and trust that my feelings are guiding me, and that I will know what the next inspired action is, instead of trying to make things happen.

In my last divine download, I shared about how the Ladybug had “found me” after choosing an animal card with the Ladybug on it the week before.  The message on the card said that I was lucky and to be open to receive abundance.  Well, it happened again this weekend – more Ladybugs – not once, but 3 times.   

I went to my favorite consignment store to buy myself a small gift for Valentine’s Day.  While in the dressing room, my eyes were drawn to the painting on the wall. Yes, flowers, bees and Lady Bugs!   Thank you God was all I could say. Shortly afterwards, another Ladybug “showed up.”  My daughter Mary gave me a new strainer to make my herbal teas with.  I put it on the seat of my car as I drove home.  For some reason, I glanced over at it and spotted the Ladybug sticker over the price tag. You can imagine my joy and excitement.

My friend Mary stopped by on Valentine’s Day and gave me a small red heart box.  I thought for sure it was candy. You can imagine my surprise when I opened the box and in it was a pair of white socks with red hearts and pink Lady Bugs. I am wearing the socks daily as a reminder to be open to receive abundance in my life.  I am allowing myself to receive whatever God wants to give me.

May you BE open to receive.

The Seeds of Greatness are Within You

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How does your faith grow? Before we can discuss how it grows, we need to have a working definition of what faith is. Simply put, faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. When we plant seeds in the ground, we cannot see the flower or vegetable that will spring forth, but we believe, wait and trust that something will come from the darkness .

What are the seeds that have been planted in your life? What are you hoping for, but you cannot see- a new job, relationship, abundance, health?  It is not easy being in the darkness and having to wait for something to grow or change.

 Here is where my faith is tested and where it grows.  Will I trust the promises of God and wait patiently for whatever I am hoping for to grow or will I get discouraged and give up on my dream because it is not happening fast enough? 

During this time of gestation, darkness and waiting, it is important to have people in your life who believe in you and support you.  Learning to be vulnerable and asking for help is equally important. It is a time to love and nurture your inner spirit, not beat up on yourself that you are not doing enough or doing something wrong.  Sometimes, we just need to rest and not push so hard.  As you learn to trust and surrender to divine timing, just like the flowers, you will blossom.

“I allow blessings to flow to me and I freely draw from the limitless ocean of good. As I deepen my trust, I am in the flow of divine abundance. I need not worry about the temporary appearance of lack in my life  because I know there is abundant supply.” Daily Word

 Namaste, Pat

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