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“I was at the end of my rope”

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“The best thing I can do is pray for another. When I pray for a loved one, a friend or even someone I know about from the news or social media, I give the GIFT OF LOVE. As I pray for someone, I feel our divine connection as I affirm the goodness of God. I open my mind and heart to divine love. I let this love flow from me and affirm that the highest blessing is unfolding.” Daily Word

I love how God answers prayers and puts people together at the perfect and right time. I would like to share 2 experiences regarding the power of prayer this week.

I received an email from a friend that read, “I am asking for prayer for a personal issue. Will you please see me as healthy and enjoying my life. I will have the results next week and let you know.” I emailed her and said, “I am praying for you.” My email bounced back and I didn’t know why so I text-ed her and wrote,“Never doubt what one prayer can do.” I didn’t hear from her for a couple of weeks so I sent another text asking how she was? She wrote back and said, I am doing great.” Something felt strange so I asked her if she sent an email requesting prayer and she said, “No, I didn’t but the day you sent me the text (Never doubt what one prayer can do) was a very dark day and you picked up on that like a miracle.”

I was astonished that she hadn’t sent me an email requesting prayer so I went back to my trash and there was no email from her. Strange and powerful things are happening as we are all connected in love.

Here is the other example: I was driving to the beach to take a walk and swim when I spotted the yard sale sign. Of course, I had to stop to see if there were any treasures. When I walked in the woman said, “Everything is $1.00 except for the TV. I have to get rid of everything because we are moving on Tuesday. I have been doing this for several weeks and I am exhausted.” It was Sunday and there was still quite a bit of stuff left. I wondered how she would get rid of it all.

She then said, I also have my 5 cats that need homes because I can’t take them with me.” I could tell she was really troubled and distraught about finding homes for her cats in one day. I asked what her name was and she said, “Cindy.” I said, “Cindy, I will pray for you and for this situation.”

In our conversation she said, “I recently had knee surgery and have back problems.” I asked, “Where are you moving and how are you going to get rid of everything in a day?” She said, “We are moving to the Big Island and we are going to donate whatever we have left over to a charity.”

I really felt bad for her and wanted to buy a few things to help her out, but then realized I didn’t bring any money with me since I was just going to the beach. I asked if I could bring the money back in the morning after my yoga class. She agreed to that and I left with my items.

I immediately prayed for her as I drove away and all during the day. After my yoga class the next day, I went back to her house to give her the money I owed her, but nobody was home. I had a massage scheduled right around the corner and planned on returning after the massage. As I drove by her house after my massage, I spotted her standing outside.

She was really excited to see me as I walked up her driveway because she didn’t know my name or how to get in touch with me to share what happened. She said, “You are not going to believe this but 10 minutes after you left and said you would pray for me, a woman came by and noticed the cat carrier that was for sale. Cindy shared that she had 5 cats that needed homes. The woman said, “I live upcountry and I take in cats.” The woman left with all 5 cats and Cindy was so relieved and grateful that they found good homes. Talk about God’s perfect timing.

I was in awe of how it all played out. We hugged one another as the tears rolled down her cheeks. She said, “I knew when you asked me my name that you would be praying for me. This is truly a miracle and I know God answered my prayers. When I was having my coffee this morning and feeling so overwhelmed, I gave it to God because I was at the end of my rope and didn’t know what else to do.”

I then heard Spirit say, “Give her your book.” I don’t argue anymore when I hear Spirit tell me to give my book away. I said, “I have a gift for you in my car.” She was thrilled and said she would read it on the plane the next day.

There is no doubt in my mind that we are all ONE and are connected. Praying for one another keeps us aware that we all one in Spirit-one in love.

You are a STAR of your being-Let Your Light Shine

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While in prayer this morning, I came across a poem that someone had given me a long time ago. It spoke to my heart and helped me to remember where I came from and where I am today.

“Whether you know it or not, you are already there…… You are the beauty…… the power…….the wisdom…….the passion…..the knowledge……the fire…….the calm…. the heart and the soul. YOU ARE THE STAR OF YOUR BEING…..all you have to do is let your light shine.

After reading and reflecting on that poem, I remembered a very difficult time in my life when I wanted to give up, put my head under the covers and just go to sleep. Have you ever felt that way? It was when I was writing my book and had no idea of what I was doing. I didn’t believe in myself and felt totally inadequate for the task of writing a book.

I cried myself to sleep and asked for a dream that night. It was only a snippet that I remembered but it was enough to change my life. I was climbing a staircase to heaven and when I reached the top, there was a star. I reached out to touch the star and I became the star. God gave me an affirmation after that which I say often. “I am a STAR that shines brightly to lead others to the God within.”

Letting my light shine and leading others to the God within is truly my passion and mission.  I am the beauty, the power, the passion, the love and the star of my own being. How do I let my light shine?  By living in JOY.  The Daily Word (pg. 52) says “Joy expresses first as a smile, grows into laughter, and expands into radiance, which shines from within.”

I let my light shine by following my heart and listening to my heart’s calling. I open my heart to receive more good and more God so I can be the light to others who are in darkness and need to feel God’s unconditional love. Today, my heart is overflowing with Joy and love because Maui is the energy of love that I am living in.

It has taken me many years to love and believe in myself and let my light shine, but I can truly say that I am no longer afraid to let my light shine and it is shining brightly today. It must be shining brightly because my friends Joseph and Marlowe called me “Angel Sparkling Star.”

I called my daughter Mary today to wish her a Happy 37th Birthday and said, “God danced on the day you were born and so did I.” She thanked me and said, “Mom this is the first birthday that we haven’t spent together.” I said, “I know I thought about that this morning. Mary, even though we are apart physically, our hearts are one and we are both doing what we are called to do in this world.” She agreed and said she was spending the day with friends at her farm and living on the farm is a dream come true for her. When we talked the next day, she said,”I had an awesome day.”

My birthday was yesterday and Mary and I have always celebrated our birthdays together. Before I moved to Maui, I wondered what I would do on my birthday and what it was going to be like without family and friends to celebrate my birthday with. I knew God would take care of me, that I wouldn’t feel lonely and that God would bring me new friends to play with. I had an extraordinary birthday filled with love, magic, gifts, cards, phone calls and flowers.

I invited 5 of my new friends to go swimming and snorkeling with the turtles in Turtle Cove, right outside of where I lived on the ocean. We were all amazed at all the turtles we saw swimming around us.  Joseph took a video of me swimming with the turtles and I screamed when I watched it.  I will forever be grateful for this precious gift of love. We went to lunch afterward and continued to celebrate my birthday with cake and laughter. It has truly been a week of celebration and fun.

  Watch the video   (2 minutes)

Pat snorkeling

Pat snorkeling


turtle swimming

Then the day after my birthday, my friend Katie invited me to go with her to paint on the beach with a famous artist by the name of Jack Hamilton. I was delighted because I have wanted to paint for many years. I know it is inside of me, but it just wasn’t time to let it out yet. IT IS TIME for this gift to be born and what a beautiful place for it to be born here in Maui. I thought I was going with her to just watch this artist Jack paint, but no, I was invited to paint my first oil painting. There I was on the beach looking like a real artist with the easel and brushes. People walked by and even complimented me on my painting. It felt like I was in heaven.  After sending Jack an email a few days later about some questions I had, he emailed me back and said, “Thanks for letting me help in such little ways.” Thank you Jack. This is the energy and spirit of Maui. No wonder why I am in my glory living here.

I am the painter on the right side and Katie is on the left.

oil painting Katie and Pat

My first painting on the beach

oil painting


I was even more excited when this week Jack just invited Katie and I to the “Maui Masters” art exhibition this weekend at Lahaina Arts Society. He invited us to the reception for the participating artists in the gallery located under the Banyan Tree. Wow, what an honor and treat to be in the presence of Maui’s Masters artists. I hope it rubs off!!!!

Many of you have been following my blogs of how I am living my dream and am now living in Maui. I have been writing about what it was like to let go of the old so the new could come. I have shared the struggle of leaving my family and friends, getting rid of my possessions and stepping into the unknown.

Now it is time to share the NEW that has come and the absolute joy and freedom I am experiencing from letting go of the old. This really works and it is my joy to encourage and inspire you to do the same. God has a plan for your life that will make all of your dreams come true. It is time for you to let go of the old limiting beliefs, fears, worries, not feeling deserving and step into the stardom of your life. Let your light shine because the world needs you and your gifts. You are enough and have everything you need inside of you to be the STAR of your own being.


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