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The Energy Has Shifted

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I arrived “home” safely back to Maui from the Big Island a few days ago and thank God my friend, Eileen, is doing well from her near drowning incident.  I have been reflecting on the time I spent on the Big Island and some of the experiences I had while I was there. One day, while I was driving around the island, I spotted a sign off to the side of the road that read ACTION.  Something resonated inside of me and I knew I needed to pay attention to this, even though I didn’t know exactly what I was to take “action” on.

The day after I arrived home, as I was taking my daily walk along the oceanfront, I became aware of a strong feeling of “unrest.” “What’s this about?” I wondered. I knew there were some major decisions that I needed to make in my life and I was praying for guidance to be open to what Spirit was calling me to do. As I checked in with myself, I realized something had “shifted” while I was on the Big Island.  The first three months in Maui was about BEING, surrendering and receiving Love.  Although at first, I struggled with just BEING loved unconditionally and not having to do anything, I eventually embraced this sacred space and was truly living it. Now, three months later, it felt like I was being called to do something different – to take ACTION. I also received a Goddess God that read “Leap of Faith – take a risk and put your heart’s desire into ACTION. Your dream will come true. Your chosen path is the right one for you. Heaven supports you fully on your life’s journey. Take action on the realization of your dreams.”My prayer was, “God, Show me what I need to do next.”  In the meantime, I decided to go dancing!

As I was getting ready to send this out, I read an article that confirmed what God was speaking to me about. “It is important that we have balance between doing and being. Being is finding within yourself that space of stillness that is always there, where you can be conscious without thinking. There is a point of dynamic rest within you. It is only when we find that balance within of doing and being that we change the way we act with each other and the environment.” Eckhart Tolle

Many of you know that I love to dance and I realized that I had only danced once since arriving in Maui. I called a friend to ask when the next dance was. It was the next night and nothing could keep me away from it. I went to the dance and danced my feet off and it felt really good. I often visualize myself dancing with my soul mate. Earlier, I had heard God say, “You have to go to where the dancers are if you want to meet one.” Duh!  Not only did I go to the dance, but I signed up for some tango lessons. I also started watercolor painting classes this week. I know it is so important to pay attention to the signs God gives us, as well as to notice our feelings, which are always leading us.

Today I am excited about the next three months and what will manifest. I truly believe that I needed to embrace and be comfortable with the BEING before I could take action and start DOING.  We need both energies to manifest our dreams.  As I continued my walk, I said to God, “I don’t have anything to write about for my weekly blog yet.”  It felt like my mind was an empty slate.  Since the past blogs I’ve written have just kind of flowed out of me organically, I had to trust it would come and it did – just twenty minutes later.

I decided to take a different path on the way home from my walk, and when I heard music from afar, I then noticed a group of people standing in a circle on the beautiful white sandy beach.  Of course, I was curious and as I got closer, I saw the bride and the groom exchanging their vows. I stopped dead in my tracks and watched the ceremony. I was close enough to hear what the minister was saying. As he led the bride with her vows, I closed my eyes and said the same words to myself “as if” I was saying them to my husband. It brought tears to my eyes and it felt really good. When the minister pronounced them husband and wife, everyone cheered! With my eyes still closed, I imagined my children and close friends standing around me and my new husband cheering as well. I felt such love in my heart for my new husband and it felt very REAL.

I believe that we co-create our future through our imagination, fantasies, visions and daydreams. It is not enough to just visualize and use affirmations, but we must feel it as if it has already happened. Everything you think in a powerful emotional state in life manifests. There is not one thing in your life that you did not manifest before you saw it in your mind and had a dream. For years my dream was to live on the water and to visit Hawaii. Today, I am living my dream.  Sometimes, there may be situations in your life that you think “surely I have not dreamed this into being,” but I believe you have.  Whatever you create in your experience is what enables you to grow and become the person your soul longs to be, and sometimes challenges and adversity are what teaches us to turn to God and learn how to receive.  When I look back on the journey of meeting my soul mate, I have had many experiences that didn’t seem like “good” dreams, but I did bring them into my experience to learn more about who I was and who I was capable of being. 

I was amazed at how light I felt after putting myself into the scene of being married and feeling like it was really happening to me. Not only did it feel really good, but I couldn’t wait to get home to write my weekly blog. I encourage you to follow the energy within, pay attention to the signs, step out in faith, trust your life is unfolding according to a divine plan and that all is well, even if it doesn’t seem that way all of the time.  Sometimes your guidance will lead you to be still, to go within and receive, and other times you will be guided to take some action, whether it’s to take a class, call a friend, or something specific your soul wants you to do.  If you listen, you will always hear the answer.








I am a Believer

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I met Pat Hastings a couple of years ago after a series of God-incidences.  I literally heard of her in the morning and was sitting in her living room that evening with a bunch of wonderful women sharing their stories and intentions. Pat spoke about how we should pray to God for ourselves, something that I hadn’t done before. She shared her spiritual journey and how it led her to write her book and start a new career as a Spiritual Coach and Inspirational Speaker.

I purchased her book that evening. It was Friday night and I usually go yard sailing on Saturdays.  Before I went to bed, I read the first chapter of her book about her yard sale forays. As I read her words, it was as if I had written them myself. So many things resonated with me except for one thing. She prayed for the things she wanted.  Hmm, I thought.  I have been looking for a small food processor and juicer all summer. I never thought of praying for God to provide it for me.  I decided to give it a whirl. I prayed and asked God for a food processor and a little juicer. Although I’d never done it before, it didn’t seem all that weird, it felt very right. I went to bed feeling comforted that God was aligning the stars so that my treasures would show up in my travels the next day.

Sure enough, not only did I find the food processor, for two bucks, but I found the juicer, also two bucks. I was on a roll and decided to ask God for a book that I wanted. As we were driving around I said out loud, “God, I know this is last minute, but I would really like that book as well.” A half hour later, I walked into a yard sale and on a blanket on the ground was one book…the one I had asked for and the best part was that it was a quarter.  Sold!  I couldn’t believe it, but I became a believer.

Since this happened, I feel God’s presence more than I ever have. I feel like I’m not in this alone.  I talk to Him like I never have before and I feel like He is listening.  It seems strange that such a little thing could make that much of a difference, but it has. I felt heard and my prayers were answered.  I look forward to working with Pat and having more God-incidences in my life, but more importantly developing a true relationship with God.

Paula Labossiere


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While vacationing with my son in Florida last week, I visited with my friend June. We had a lively conversation about spirituality, prayer, faith and forgiveness.  We wondered why some prayers are answered almost immediately and other times we have to wait for our prayers to be answered. Neither one of us had the answer. We both agreed it’s about trust and God’s perfect plan and timing.

She shared a powerful story with me that happened to her many years ago.  She remembers exactly where she stood in her dining room when she prayed to God.  “God, I need $5,000 and this is what I need it for. My 2 daughters need this money and I want to help them.”

That night, she went to her weekly bingo game.  When she arrived, she went to the rest room, only to find it was closed for repairs. Right next to the bingo hall was a casino. She decided to walk into the casino and find the restroom.  She was drawn to a dollar slot machine and decided to play $10.

“I was shocked when all the whistles and lights went off and I won $5,000. When I went to cash in for my money, the teller shared that what happened was very unusual.  The person right before me had just gotten up from that machine and had also won $5,000. She said that never happened before.”

I remember another time in my life that God provided.  I was down to my last dollar. I went to the mailbox and found an envelope with a $600 check in it from Walgreens. No letter or explanation –just the check. I thought it must be a mistake and called Walgreens to inquire about it.  They couldn’t explain what it was for, but it was legal. They thought perhaps it was a rebate for medications I had purchased over the year. I asked if that ever happened and they said no. The check was mine to spend. Of course, I thanked God for how he provided for me. We must be clear about what we want and ask for.  We must trust God will answer the prayer in the perfect and right time – and the perfect way!

June Barrow


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As I drove down the street after my Toastmasters meeting, I immediately noticed my car pulling to the right. And then I heard the thump, thump, thump and I knew I HAD A FLAT TIRE.  I turned my car around and went back to the Nursing Home facility where the meeting was held.  I explained the situation to the receptionist and asked to use the phone to call AAA.  I was quite surprised with the wait time – 4 hours.  I was still on the phone with AAA when my friend Gina, a fellow toastmaster was at my side asking, “How can I help you, Pat?”  She offered to drive me home so I didn’t have to wait 4 hours and bring me back in the morning before going to work to get my car and call AAA again.

I gladly accepted her offer and felt so grateful that I didn’t have to stand around for 4 hours. I told her I would call her in the morning if I needed her to bring me back (which was way out of her way.) When I got into her car, I thanked God for His protection – that I was safe and wasn’t on the highway which could have been a disaster.  I believe that everything happens for a reason and I trusted that God was in the mix. By the grace of God, I focused on what was working: my car was in a safe place, I had a ride home and I wasn’t on the highway alone and stranded.

I called my son and daughter in the morning to ask for a ride back to my car. My daughter was out of town and my son was working. I called another friend, but got her answering service.  “Well God, I trust you will work this out in your time and your way.” With that, the phone rang, “Pat, do you need a ride to get your car? I would be glad to pick you up before I go to work.” asked Gina. “Thank you God for taking care of me and putting it on Gina’s heart to call me and offer me a ride.”   

Gina dropped me off at the facility and I promptly called AAA.  This time it was a 2 hour wait. ”It’s getting better,” I thought to myself. The receptionist was so kind when she heard my dilemma and showed me where I could get some tea.  “Is there a place where I could sit and wait,” I asked. “Of course, follow me.” She escorted me to a beautiful sitting room surrounded with big windows looking out onto the courtyard with bird feeders everywhere.  There were all kinds of flowering plants, a fireplace and a waterfall. 

Again, I was grateful for the lovely surroundings and the peace in my heart. In the past, I might have complained that I was wasting time and not getting things done.  I focused on the present moment and the gifts that were available to me.

As I sat on the comfy chair in front of the fireplace, feeling relaxed and enjoying the moment, Ellie sat down on the chair across from me. We smiled at one another and immediately started to chat. There was a peaceful presence around her that I felt drawn to. “How long have you been here?” I asked.  She smiled and responded, “five days.” I was amazed at her positive attitude and how grateful she was. She was actually having fun in a nursing home and spreading cheer to the other patients.

I grabbed a tote bag before I left the house that had one copy of my book in it.  Loud and clear I heard God say “Give her your book.” I have learned to pay attention to that voice. “Okay, God, I will give her my book.”  She smiled when I gave her my book and said “I am also a woman of faith.” As she left to go to lunch, she smiled and said, “You made my day.”  Actually, she made my day! The message for me was to have fun and keep a positive attitude – wherever you find yourself.


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God wants to help you and give you what you need, but you must ask.  If you believe, God will lead you to the right person or situation at the right and perfect time that will help you. Sometimes, you will be the person or the answer that someone has been praying for. I have had several experiences of this recently. 

For example, I was invited to be a guest on Deb Ruggiero’s Amazing Women Radio Show, which I really enjoyed. It was aired last June and to my surprise and delight, it was aired again the day after Christmas. The very next day, I received an email from a woman who had never heard the show before. She was sitting on the floor and turning the channels when she heard my voice on the radio. In her email, she wrote “I have been praying for a long time for someone who could help me with my life. Can I meet with you this week?”

A couple of days later, I received another email from a woman who had also listened to the show for the first time. She explained that she was driving home from work and had just prayed and asked God to send her someone she could talk to. She needed to get clarity about whether to divorce her husband of 37 years. We met the following week for coaching.

My next email was from a woman who had said a pray before she went to bed, asking God for a sign. She was very troubled and needed God’s help. When her alarm clock went off – she woke up to the sound to my voice on the radio. I am meeting with her this week for coaching.

Most recently, I had a workshop at All That Matters Yoga Center that was cancelled due to the snow. I decided to offer each of the women who signed up a complimentary ½ hour coaching session with me. One of the women contacted me to make an appointment after she received my email, a few hours after she prayed and asked God to send her someone who could help her. 

Part of being  Simply a Woman of Faith means recognizing that God wants to help YOU and give you what you need, but you must first be wiling to ask, and then trust that help is on the way- when you PRAY.

How may I serve YOU on your journey?


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Do you feel deserving of the good that is coming into your life? Are you able to receive all that God wants to give you?  So many women feel unworthy/undeserving to receive and because of this limiting belief, they actually block the flow of good coming into their lives. You may ask yourself, why would I do that?  For many, it is an unconscious belief and you may not be aware it is there.  Once the belief is brought to the light, you can change it and God can transform it.

On January 1, I received a message from God. “I have set before you an open door which no one is able to shut.”  One of my intentions for the year was to travel. And I did! I gave a retreat on a cruise ship to Bermuda, visited my brother in New Jersey, visited a friend in New Hampshire, visited my family in Florida and have a trip planned to Hawaii next month.  Truly, God opened the doors and provided the money each step of the way. For this, I am grateful.

I have been on the spiritual path for over 35 years and have experienced powerful healings and transformation. God continues to reveal the limiting beliefs that are unconscious that block the flow of divine supply.

I recently visited my son and grandchildren in Florida. I started to journal while on the plane and was surprised when the feelings of anxiety and guilt surfaced.  This is what came to the light when I dialogued with God.  

Pat: I am feeling anxious and guilty God, what is this all about? I thought I was done with guilt.  I feel guilty leaving my business and I am scared. I am sorry for not trusting you. I know I am doing the best I can to change. Is it worthiness issues that are coming up?

God: You know what I say about guilt and what you teach others.

Pat: Yes, I do.  So why am I feeling guilty and where is this coming from?

God: All your life, you have thought you had to work hard, achieve, do more, be more and it’s time to shift, really shift and ALLOW me to do the work.

Pat: What do you mean God? How do I shift this? I want so much for my business to be successful so I can help others to heal and transform like I have.  

God: I know and I want this for you to. Remember, I called you to this ministry and it is your mission to help others to heal their fear and believe in themselves.  You heard my voice and you said, yes. Remember the “blouse story” and how I provided the $10 miraculously and how that story has blessed so many people.

Pat: Yes, God I remember. I get mixed up sometimes with how much money I am making as a measure for my success and worthiness.

God: I know and so do many other women and that is why they feel so bad about themselves and have a hard time receiving the good that I want to give them.  They too equate their job, what they do with who they really are, their essence and the spark of the divine they are.

Pat: Do I need to just let go, surrender, trust you are working in my life and love myself into wholeness and health?  Can I believe this trip is a gift from you and there is no need to feel guilty?  I don’t usually feel guilty and I think I am “shoulding” on myself. Please help me God.

God: I am helping you. You must go in and change your thinking, like changing the channel of the TV when you don’t like something. You are in control of your thoughts and it’s up to you to change them. I cannot do that for you.

Pat: What shall I change them to? “I deserve to go away, rest, be, spend time with my family. I am following you God. I trust myself and you God that you opened the door.  I have everything I need in this moment and you are providing. Miracles are coming to me right now.  I open my heart to receive all that you have for me. I am worthy and deserving to receive.”

God: I see your heart Pat and I know how you want to do my will and serve me. I want you to expect a powerful, peaceful week of surprises. Just keep trusting yourself and your intuition. I am blessing you in this moment. You are my beloved whom I am well pleased.

Pat: Thank you God. I stand tall in this truth of who I am and who you are. I now believe I am worthy and deserving to receive.

After this prayer and dialogue with God and before getting off the plane, something had truly shifted and I felt renewed, changed and free.  I expected miracles and was ready to receive and felt deserving.  

What happened during the week was truly amazing. I received so many gifts and miracles. In fact, the week was so powerful that my next book has been born. Whooo…..

I read this in prayer this morning. “The only reason any person does not have the life they want is that somewhere in the back of their mind – they don’t believe they deserve it. They don’t believe they are worthy – which is why they will not take responsibility for making it happen”


“I open my heart to receive. I am worthy, I am deserving because of who I am, not what I do.  I am a spark of the divine. It is my inheritance to receive only good and abundance. I open my heart and allow God to come to me today.”


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As many of you know who have read my book, the first chapter is about how God provides at yard sales.  I LOVE to share about answered prayer and the treasures that come my way.  When I receive a compliment on something I’m wearing, my friends smile and say “yard sale?”  “Yes, God dresses me,” I reply.  It is so much fun and I am always so grateful!

It’s not only clothes that God provides for – it’s gifts, books, air conditioners, beach chairs, and much more.  Recently, my friend Amy asked if I had a particular book that she needed for her new job.  I checked by bookcase and I didn’t have it. So, I do what I always do. I prayed and asked God to provide it at a yard sale. This was not your usual book that you would find at a yard sale, but an expensive Clinicians DSM diagnostic book for mental disorders. 

The first yard sale I stopped at had lots of books. The woman recognized me from the church we both attended and we started to chat. She asked if there was something special I was looking for. I told her about the DSM book. No, she didn’t have it. The next weekend while at a yard sale, the woman from my church was at the same yard sale.  She said, “You were looking for the DSM book, right?” I said, “Yes.” She said, “I found it today at another yard sale and I have it in my truck for you.”  I couldn’t believe it.  Not only did she find it, but she gave it to me for free.

As I packed to go on vacation last week, I remembered that my cover-up for my bathing suit had shrunk.  I needed something to wear over my bathing suit and I was leaving in 2 days and it was October. Hmmm, maybe I could find something at a yard sale, I thought.  Sure enough, the first yard sale I went to had lots of clothes.  The woman asked “is there something you are looking for? “  “Yes, a cover-up for my bathing suit.”  She then led me to the blanket with the cover-ups!  Now, really who would believe me that there were 3 cover-ups.  I found one that not only matched my new black bathing suit, but fit perfectly, and it was only $1.

Is it all about just asking and believing? I encourage you to ask for what you want from God. It may not come immediately, but it will come in the perfect and right timing. Trust, trust and trust some more.

Blessings Pat


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One day I looked at the dark, clunky, old bureau in my bedroom, and thought about
how nice it would be to have a bureau that fit the space and lifted my
spirits.  I imagined a light-yellow, tall, thin bureau and then forgot about it.

Two days later I turned onto the main road by my house, and there was a
tall, thin, light-yellow bureau, sitting in front of a tiny building with an
“Estate Sale” sign on it!  I was so shocked I drove right by, half thinking
I’d imagined it.  I had to turn around and go back.  I told the owner of the
shop my story and decided that, even though I couldn’t afford it, I was
going to buy it.  “You probably think I’m foolish for wanting a child-like bureau instead of an antique.”  He said “you should do what makes you happy and I will even deliver it for you.”

After arranging it in its new home, we agreed that it was the perfect size
and shape and color for the room.  He asked me “what are you going to do with
the old one?”  I told him “you can have it if you want it.  It had been passed
down to my daughter’s ex-husband from his parents.”  He looked it over, smiled and said “this is over a hundred years old.  I would be glad to sell it for you and give you the balance, after deducting the cost of your new purchase.” Of course I said YES.  After he sold my bureau, I received a check from him for $35 dollars. What a deal!

I look at my sweet little bureau and smile.  I feel that God loves and supports me.  I am in awe of the mysterious connection between imagination and manifestation.
I made a sign and put it in the top drawer to remind me.  It says, Evidence.

Bonnie Alexander

God Answers Prayer

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I entered religious life when I turned 18 and right out of high school. I loved being a nun and being in the community.  I came home on weekends and had a friend who invited me to attend a prayer meeting at St. Patrick’s church. I was blown away by what I witnessed – here were people loving and hugging one another. I was skeptical and afraid at first because we were taught in the convent not to show emotions or affection.   

I continued to go to the meetings when I came home on the weekends and really began to love the community. I knew there was something there that I didn’t have. I can truly say that I met God at St. Patrick’s. I knew God in books and philosophy, but not in my heart.  Now God was in my heart and I had a personal relationship with him.

After awhile, I knew I had to be there-that this is where I was going to grow closer to God. I approached the provincial of my religious order and asked if I could work in this parish and still remain a nun.  This had never been done before so it was a huge leap of faith for me to even ask this. Much to my surprise, they said yes and I had their blessing.

I moved into Manna House (a group of dedicated women working for the parish) and worked as the Religious Education Coodinator for 7 years.  As I grew and changed, I knew in my heart that I could no longer stay in the religious life. After much discernment and prayer I decided to leave the order after 20 years.  Another step in faith because being in a religious order gave me safety and security.  I got a job as a waitress in the neighborhood.  I now needed to find a place of my own to live. I didn’t know what I was going to do and I had nothing to start a new life.  I was terrified and the flood gates opened up. I cried out to God, please help me. I have no place else to turn.  You have to help me.

The very next day, a woman approached me from the parish and told me that she heard I had left the convent. She proceeded to tell me that her father-in-law had just passed away and there was a house full of stuff that I could have it I wanted it. I went to the house that afternoon and couldn’t believe my eyes. A bedroom set, dining room set, kitchen stuff – everything I needed to start my new life.

What I learned in my heart that day was that God knew me better than I knew myself, that He wanted me to be happy and that he would provide for me in every aspect of my life. God has been faithful and He still provides for me and I am always in awe and gratitude for his faithfulness.

Evelyn Laurie

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