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God sent me an “Angel” to guide me to the right terminal

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As I boarded the plane at 7:00 a.m. on my way home to Maui, I felt anticipation and excitement about seeing Larry. Although I loved being with my family, friends and new grandchild for Christmas, I missed my soul mate and couldn’t wait to get back. I thought about the many qualities that I admire in Larry, in particular, how kind and attentive he is to me. I always feel heard and that he truly cares about what is important to me.  Spirit then brought to mind that what I see in others, both positive and negative qualities, are also in me.  

It kind of hit me in a new way. When I see something in Larry that I admire (or in anyone else), it is also in me too. I asked myself, “Do I admire kindness and attentiveness in me?  Have I owned and embraced these qualities as a part of who I am?   Am I kind and attentive to others and listen with my heart?”  To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever really thought about it, but it felt good thinking about the possibility that I was kind and attentive to others, as Larry is to me.

As I allowed this truth to settle into my being, I heard Spirit say, “You are not only coming home to Mother Maui, but you are coming home to yourself.”  This is the truth of who I am. I am kind, attentive and loving or I wouldn’t have recognized it in him. I am seeing my reflection in him because he is my mirror. The more I recognize the goodness in Larry, the more I will recognize it in me. I attracted a man into my life that has some of the same qualities that I have. How cool is that?

Is the unconditional love I feel for Larry an invitation from God to have the same unconditional love for myself? The more I love him, the more I love myself, or is it the other way around? The more I love, accept and appreciate myself, the more I will be capable of loving, accepting and appreciating him. I think that is more accurate. I have to love, accept and appreciate myself first before I can truly love, accept and appreciate another person.

I invited Larry to write out the qualities he admired in me.  One of the qualities he admired in me was my patience. I asked, “Are you able to recognize this quality in yourself?” He hesitated and then said, “I am working on being more patient, but have difficulty believing I am patient enough.” I encouraged him to embrace and accept that quality in himself because as he recognized it in me, it is in him.

I invite you to pick a person you admire and think about their qualities. Are you able to embrace these qualities in yourself? And if not, ask Spirit to help you see the truth about yourself. Wouldn’t this be a great New Year’s resolution?  Can you imagine what it would be like and how your life would be different if you consistently embraced and owned your positive qualities rather than focusing on what needs to be changed or what you don’t like in yourself?

I was given the opportunity to practice loving and accepting myself while I was changing planes on my way home to Maui. I arrived in Los Angeles in plenty of time and found the gate where I was boarding. It was a long walk through the terminal with many turns and doors to go through.  I called Larry, feeling very proud of myself that I found the gate and didn’t get lost.  As the time got closer to boarding time, I looked around and something didn’t feel quite right. I got up and asked the man across from me, “Are you going to Maui?” He looked at me and said, “No, I am going to Canada.”

I asked him to watch my bag as I ran around trying to find someone to ask where the flight to Maui was boarding. I finally found a woman behind a counter and showed her my boarding pass. She was very kind and walked me to the main monitor to see where the flight was boarding.

I almost fainted when she said, “You are in the wrong terminal. This is the Delta terminal and you need to be in the United terminal. She quickly gave me the directions to get back to the United terminal. I grabbed by bags and started running, not really knowing where I was going. I kept praying, “Help God, I don’t know where I am going.”

Right up ahead of me, I spotted a Delta pilot walking calmly through the terminal. I stopped and asked him for help. I am sure he could see the panic in my face when I showed him my boarding pass. He said, “I am meeting a friend at the United terminal, I will show you the way.” He looked at my boarding pass and said, “They are boarding now.”  We both began to run furiously through the terminal. I could hardly breathe we were running so fast.

When I finally arrived at gate 76, the woman behind the counter said, “Mrs. Hastings.” Just about in tears I said, “Yes” and showed her my boarding pass. I was the last one on the plane as they closed the door behind me. I sat down in my seat, still out of breath and all I could say was “Thank you God, Thank you God. I knew God had sent me the Delta pilot as my angel to guide me.

I could have easily been upset with myself for not being more aware and being in the wrong terminal.  I didn’t do that but instead, chose to love and accept myself knowing all is well and that I was being guided and taken care of the whole time. God sent me angels to guide me to the right place. There are times in our lives when we don’t know where we are going and we go to the wrong terminal, but when we trust in God, we are always led safely to the right place.

I followed my heart & attracted love

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As I sat down to write my blog today, I opened my journal and read these words that spoke to my heart. I am not sure what spiritual book I read them from, so I cannot give credit.

“Love is synonymous with God. It is an unfailing and unchanging mine to draw upon. When I allow love to permeate my entire being, it becomes a powerful source driving out any doubt, sadness or fear. My heart fills with the mighty magnetic force of love and I am empowered to do only good and to share only love. My every thought, word and action expresses the love of God in me. Aglow with God’s love, my heart becomes a magnet attracting good from every direction.” Unknown

For years, my daily mantra and prayer has been to be peaceful, to love and to serve.  It feels like a miracle when my dreams are manifested. Yes, it is a miracle but I also know my dreams have come true because of my faith, trust, willingness to receive, surrendering, confidence and creativity.

I had a dream to live on the ocean for as long as I can remember. I felt in my heart that it would happen, but I didn’t know HOW – that was up to God. I needed to do some “inner work” and to know that I deserved and was worthy of God’s love and good. I learned to say YES to God’s plan for my life and to wait for God’s perfect timing to unfold. That wasn’t always easy because I felt impatient at times, but kept surrendering to God’s will and love in my heart.

I am still in awe when I sit on my lanai and look out over the ocean because I am now living in a 2 million dollar home. I am humbled and filled with gratitude and joy. This is not to brag by any means, but to inspire you to be open and to receive God’s good in your life.

 Many of you have been following me for years and have witnessed my struggles, fears and transformation. I have not held back because I chose to be authentic and show you how I did it so you can do it. I have been stepping out in faith for years BEFORE I had all of the answers or the money or the know how to do something. When you do this, you ALLOW God to take the reigns and provide you with everything you need.

I have a chapter in my book, “Simply a Woman of Faith” about how the money came when I was looking for an editor for my book.

“With the manuscript complete, I needed to find an editor.  Prices ranged from sixty dollars an hour to one hundred and twenty five dollars an hour.  I had no idea how long it would take to edit my book and how much it would cost. I sensed it would take a while since I had no formal training in writing.  I prayed and asked God to lead me to the right editor.

My son, Tim, said to me ,“Mom, you have to change your yard sale mentality when it comes to looking for an editor.”  “You’re right Tim, I always want a bargain, but I’m not willing to do that with my book.  I want the best editor I can find and I don’t care how much it costs.”

After checking out a few different editors, I called the Book Coach, Lisa Tener.  I knew in my heart that I wanted her to edit my book.  She also happened to be the most expensive, but she was the best.

 Okay God, where’s the money going to come from? This could be very expensive by the time she’s through editing.

 I asked for a dream that night. In my dream I was walking up a ladder into the sky.  In my spirit, I knew God was saying – The sky’s the limit.  I called Lisa the next day and hired her, trusting the money would come.  A half hour later, I checked on line for the balance in my checking account.  I received my paycheck the day before, but hadn’t looked at it since it goes directly into the bank.  

What’s this extra money God? Where did it come from?

When I reached work, I asked about my last paycheck and discovered that I’d received a performance award.  In the past, we’d always been informed of our awards at the awards ceremony.  When the editing was complete, it turned out that the extra money covered the bill and it was exactly what I needed.  My God is full of surprises and loves to shower His blessings on me when I trust Him and step out in faith.”

Moving to Maui was certainly stepping out in faith because I didn’t know what was going to happen or how it would happen.  I showed up every day, TRUSTED my inner voice, God, and followed my heart.

When I meet new people in Maui, they often ask me, “What brought you here?” I always respond with “My heart.” My heart knew what I needed.  Today, my heart sings and I am full of joy and gratitude that I had the grace to follow my heart.  I have manifested love and the desires of my heart.  Aglow with God’s love, my heart becomes a magnet attracting good from every direction.

Are you following your heart?  Do you know how to follow your heart?   Do you know what makes your heart sing? I would be happy to help you manifest the desires of your heart as I have. You deserve to be happy.  

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