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It’s in the struggle that we get grow and get stronger. It’s in the struggle that we get to know ourselves and free ourselves to become the best we can be.  It’s in the struggle that we learn to love ourselves, believe in ourselves and trust ourselves.  Change is not easy, even when it’s good change and exciting.   It‘s not a time to shame ourselves, blame ourselves, feel like a victim or beat up on ourselves when we are struggling with becoming our authentic selves. When we are struggling to set ourselves free and fly higher, it is crucial that we are gentle and loving toward ourselves.  We must rest from the struggle when we need to and just be.  I think about the butterfly that is trying to set itself free from the cocoon. It’s safe in the cocoon, and yet to become the butterfly it has to break free and breakthrough the protective shell.

How do we break free from our self-protective cocoon to fly and use our God given talents?  When I allow myself to be honest and vulnerable with a trusted friend, I not only free myself, but I free them to share their vulnerability and their struggle. Something magical happens when I take the risk and share my struggles and deepest desires, I know I am not alone.  I feel courageous, stronger and more determined to break free and fly when I share from my soul. We are all craving  authenticity.

We decided to meet for coffee to get to know one another.  Before meeting, I wondered what we would talk about and said a little prayer for our meeting.  I wasn’t planning on sharing my struggle with her, but before I knew it, it was out of my mouth that I had been feeling anxious about what was happening in my life. I shared my fears and how I had always pushed myself to do more, be more. The tears started to roll down her cheeks-I knew what I said touched something in her own life. And then it flowed and it was like we had known each other for years. She was hungering for connections – that soul connection with another person.  She said she usually is more protective and doesn’t open up so quickly.  On some level we both knew we could trust each other and be honest and that we had created this meeting for our highest good.

I left our meeting feeling energized, loved, understood and grateful.  Is it that easy-just be honest with another and share the struggle  and be authentic?  Is that the human need to be heard, to be vulnerable, to share our truth without being judged.  We as woman, need soul sisters to move us forward to become the best we can be.

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