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The Energy Has Shifted

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I arrived “home” safely back to Maui from the Big Island a few days ago and thank God my friend, Eileen, is doing well from her near drowning incident.  I have been reflecting on the time I spent on the Big Island and some of the experiences I had while I was there. One day, while I was driving around the island, I spotted a sign off to the side of the road that read ACTION.  Something resonated inside of me and I knew I needed to pay attention to this, even though I didn’t know exactly what I was to take “action” on.

The day after I arrived home, as I was taking my daily walk along the oceanfront, I became aware of a strong feeling of “unrest.” “What’s this about?” I wondered. I knew there were some major decisions that I needed to make in my life and I was praying for guidance to be open to what Spirit was calling me to do. As I checked in with myself, I realized something had “shifted” while I was on the Big Island.  The first three months in Maui was about BEING, surrendering and receiving Love.  Although at first, I struggled with just BEING loved unconditionally and not having to do anything, I eventually embraced this sacred space and was truly living it. Now, three months later, it felt like I was being called to do something different – to take ACTION. I also received a Goddess God that read “Leap of Faith – take a risk and put your heart’s desire into ACTION. Your dream will come true. Your chosen path is the right one for you. Heaven supports you fully on your life’s journey. Take action on the realization of your dreams.”My prayer was, “God, Show me what I need to do next.”  In the meantime, I decided to go dancing!

As I was getting ready to send this out, I read an article that confirmed what God was speaking to me about. “It is important that we have balance between doing and being. Being is finding within yourself that space of stillness that is always there, where you can be conscious without thinking. There is a point of dynamic rest within you. It is only when we find that balance within of doing and being that we change the way we act with each other and the environment.” Eckhart Tolle

Many of you know that I love to dance and I realized that I had only danced once since arriving in Maui. I called a friend to ask when the next dance was. It was the next night and nothing could keep me away from it. I went to the dance and danced my feet off and it felt really good. I often visualize myself dancing with my soul mate. Earlier, I had heard God say, “You have to go to where the dancers are if you want to meet one.” Duh!  Not only did I go to the dance, but I signed up for some tango lessons. I also started watercolor painting classes this week. I know it is so important to pay attention to the signs God gives us, as well as to notice our feelings, which are always leading us.

Today I am excited about the next three months and what will manifest. I truly believe that I needed to embrace and be comfortable with the BEING before I could take action and start DOING.  We need both energies to manifest our dreams.  As I continued my walk, I said to God, “I don’t have anything to write about for my weekly blog yet.”  It felt like my mind was an empty slate.  Since the past blogs I’ve written have just kind of flowed out of me organically, I had to trust it would come and it did – just twenty minutes later.

I decided to take a different path on the way home from my walk, and when I heard music from afar, I then noticed a group of people standing in a circle on the beautiful white sandy beach.  Of course, I was curious and as I got closer, I saw the bride and the groom exchanging their vows. I stopped dead in my tracks and watched the ceremony. I was close enough to hear what the minister was saying. As he led the bride with her vows, I closed my eyes and said the same words to myself “as if” I was saying them to my husband. It brought tears to my eyes and it felt really good. When the minister pronounced them husband and wife, everyone cheered! With my eyes still closed, I imagined my children and close friends standing around me and my new husband cheering as well. I felt such love in my heart for my new husband and it felt very REAL.

I believe that we co-create our future through our imagination, fantasies, visions and daydreams. It is not enough to just visualize and use affirmations, but we must feel it as if it has already happened. Everything you think in a powerful emotional state in life manifests. There is not one thing in your life that you did not manifest before you saw it in your mind and had a dream. For years my dream was to live on the water and to visit Hawaii. Today, I am living my dream.  Sometimes, there may be situations in your life that you think “surely I have not dreamed this into being,” but I believe you have.  Whatever you create in your experience is what enables you to grow and become the person your soul longs to be, and sometimes challenges and adversity are what teaches us to turn to God and learn how to receive.  When I look back on the journey of meeting my soul mate, I have had many experiences that didn’t seem like “good” dreams, but I did bring them into my experience to learn more about who I was and who I was capable of being. 

I was amazed at how light I felt after putting myself into the scene of being married and feeling like it was really happening to me. Not only did it feel really good, but I couldn’t wait to get home to write my weekly blog. I encourage you to follow the energy within, pay attention to the signs, step out in faith, trust your life is unfolding according to a divine plan and that all is well, even if it doesn’t seem that way all of the time.  Sometimes your guidance will lead you to be still, to go within and receive, and other times you will be guided to take some action, whether it’s to take a class, call a friend, or something specific your soul wants you to do.  If you listen, you will always hear the answer.








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