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Our Loved Ones Do Communicate With Us

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My friend Ed and I were driving to Gregg’s restaurant for their famous desserts after a meditation service last week.  As the car on my left whizzed by me, I heard Ed exclaim, “Look at the 435 on that license plate” as a big smile came across his face.  I asked curiously, “What does that mean to you?” He then proceeded to tell me his story as I listened intently.

“The license plate on my family’s car was ET534.  My father’s name was Ed Tanzi.  After his transition 30 years ago, my mother began driving the family car. You can imagine being the only child and a boy of an Italian mother, we were very close.  She died 6 years ago and I still miss her so.  For whatever reason, that license plate was important to me and I kept it after her transition. 

I very much know she is with me and I feel her presence and energy all the time.  I am especially aware of her presence when she “shows up” by allowing me to see the number when I am going through a difficult time in my life or making an important life decision.  I see the number on license plates, on telephone numbers and the clock radio in my bedroom. I love it when I wake up and the clock radio is flashing  435. My day starts off on such a positive note and it is like I am carried through the day. I feel supported and loved. Even though she is no longer with me in physical form, her spirit and energy are with me.”

“I know exactly what you mean” I said. I also believe our loved ones want to communicate with us and let us know they are ok and still with us.  Sometimes, you may not recognize the subtle messages  because you are too busy.  When you slow down, meditate and practice staying in the moment, you will give yourself the opportunity for your loved one to communicate with you.

Ed Tanzi

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